HOT Walmart Christmas Deal- iPad Mini 16 GB only $209.99 with Toys R’ Us Price Match and Gift Card

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 3.55.18 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 3.54.32 PMGrab an iPad Mini for only $209 at your local Walmart store. I am going to answer all your questions so make sure you read the whole post. :-) Walmart is running a $50.00 Gift Card Promotion when you buy an iPad Mini 16GB. The price at Walmart is $299. Toys R’ Us has the 16 GB iPad Mini on Sale IN STORES for only $259. Walmart will price match this deal all day long! You won’t have to ask them or mention the $50 Gift Card back, the system will automatically prompt for it. I know, I just did it myself.

Step by Step

  1. Grab a Toys R Us Ad or have it pulled up on your phone.
  2. Go to Walmart and Get an iPad Mini 16GB (not the Retina version)
  3. Tell them you are going to Price Match it to Toys R’ Us In Store Ad for $259.99
  4. It will prompt for a Supervisor because it is over $10 and they will ask to see the ad. Be sure to point out the “In Store Only” to avoid any “We don’t Match Online Prices”
  5. Pay for your purchase, get your $50 gift card then come back and tell me how AWESOME I AM!!!! (Ends 12/19)
  6. Wait until Christmas Day and hear how AWESOME YOU ARE!!

Keep all the credit, you are a rock star!

It is almost as good as the Black Friday Price of $299 with a $100.00 gift card, which I don’t have yet!!

This is an In Store Only Deal as is out of Stock, otherwise you could use the Walmart Christmas Ad Match

WARNING: It is possible that your store will be out of stock, My 242 store had some but the Sawdust Store was out. If you call to check availability, do not try to explain what you want to do over the phone. Just go and let the computers do the work.

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 9.44.19 AM

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  1. Hi Paul! Could you tell me where to find this in the ad? I can’t seem to find it :( Also, when does the sale end? And when does the walmart gift card end? Thanks!

  2. Well of course this would not work for me. Since there is no physical ad my Walmart would not accept the price online :( Not a Walmart fan!

  3. Lindsay D. says:

    I can’t find where it says online or in an ad that Walmart will give you a $50. giftcard with the purchase of an iPAD mini. Is it only in certain states? Where did you find this information?
    Thank you!

    • I went to Walmart 2hrs ago. First I called toys ur us to find out to see how much there ipad mini’s were , they told me $259.99 in store only price, so I went on line and pulled up toys ur us ad and searched electronics and there it was $259.99 in store price. So I saved it on my phone and took it to Walmart. I showed them the ad on my phone but they called Toys ur us any way. ( Note: when you call toys ur us, make sure you get the persons name you talked to.) The walmart worker rang it up for $259.99. But she said i was not able to get the gift card because I received the price override . I said that’s not right, so the Mgr. came and the cash register would not let him override the gift card promotion, so the had to give it to me. So I paid $259.99 for the ipad and received the $50 gift card. It works you just have to be willing to speak to the Mgr. and let him know you will call Walmarts 800#. Good Luck

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this. Me and my husband picked one up for my mom yesterday. They did not want to accept the online add, which we were showing them on an ipod touch, said the needed a physical one to put in the till. Then they didn’t want to price match AND give the gift card. We went to customer service and they cleared it all up, price matched and gave the gift card. Thanks again!

  5. I tried it today. Did not work in my Walmart. They said because of the gift card, they could not lower the price of the iPad mini at all. Their price match include any rebates provided by a gift card.

    • Paul Ivanovsky says:

      Did you ask them where they got that from? it is nonsense, there is nothing in the gift card promotion that states it can’t be price matched and I know for a fact that it works, because I did it myself and it required no special treatment. Sorry it didn’t work out for you, if you ar win there again tonight or tomorrow I would try it again.

  6. I live in NY on Long Island. I’m off to walmart tonight for the iPad. As everyone stated above it’s not in any literature or online walmart add. The toys r us add us not the circular. It’s a promotion that is showing online, yet us only good in the store. See link bow for the toys r us pricing.

    So I’m taking your word this $50 is unadvertised and in store. I’ll full you all in later. If it works. Going to the commack wal mart.

    • Paul Ivanovsky says:

      it is in the Walmart Countdown to Christmas Ad.I have a picture of the ad below.

    • The register automatically prompts for the $50 gift card when the ipad mini is scanned in. It would need a CSM override since the price match is so high (or low). I did it today with no issue, the cashier just asked me if I had the ad and I showed him the price on my phone and pointed out it was an “in store only” price. It was easier for me to price match the Ipad -$40 and get the $50 gc then trying to price match the baby wipe sale for $1 from $2.37, -$1.37, lol.

  7. Just worked for me. THANX!!! Merry xmas
    You pay $297 out the door and walk out with ipad mini and $50 walmart gift card

  8. Just wanted to add it worked for me. Great deal thanks! Here’s my story, first went to wal-mart after I saw this so I could attempt. I went straight to electronics and asked for an Ipad mini. I asked if they did price match and the employee told me that customers need a paper add so I said ok let me go to toys r us and grab one it was right next door so I didn’t mind. Unfortunately they didn’t have any paper add that said it was 259.99. I said oh we’ll let me go back to walmart and see what I can do. Upon entering the store there were to walmart employees that looked like managers or supervisors, I interrupted their casual christmas shopping list story and asked if they would price match on my phone quickly they both looked at the price online read a little bit and they noticed it was on I explained that it was Alan in store price. he paused a bit but said “yea we can do that If we have the exact item that is listed, yes we will price match it” those were the managers exact words I said ok great. I went back to electronics got the ipad explained to an employee I asked the manager on the way in if they could and told them he said yes they paged him and he said “yea spoke with him, do it, just make sure it’s the same one listed” over the speaker phone. They took a bit because no manager would respond to turn some register key to price reduce but eventually all the employees found some supervisor passing by with a key and they did it without caring what all the fuss was about. I got it for $259.99 + tax and got the $50 gift card automatically the register did it on its own. Very happy, I was on my way to pay $299 at SAMs club when I figured I’d google real quick for any deals. Thanks!!

  9. So Wal Mart was sold out and I could NOT afford to drive to stores that did have it (30+ miles away).

    Plus, every Wal Mart is different. They said it had to be a “printed” ad. When I told them its an online only special good only in stores they were THINKING about matching, but they didn’t have the Ipad. They also said that each stores makes their own rules, and matching is done on a store to store basis.

    What I ended up doing was going to Target. They matched the Toys R us add AND they have a $30 in store gift card with the Ipad. So I got almost the same price and didn’t have to drive WAY out of my way.

    So keep in mind Target is good alternative if Wal Mart is out.

  10. It worked, THANK YOU!! The mgr tried to convince me that TRU was online only but he finally got tired of me pushing back and gave me the price.
    Lucky me, I took advantage of a Lego deal Walmart had a few days ago and used a $75 Walmart GC to help reduce my price to basically half! Thanks again!

  11. Jeremy Norton says:

    I just tried it at my Wal-Mart & received the ipad for $259.99 plus the $50 gift card. this worked like a charm… this will be a good Christmas for my family. thanks for the information…

  12. It worked!! Great information!

  13. It didn’t work for me at walmart or target, which sucked because when I was at target the manager didn’t even want to speak/talk to me at all, and I was waiting and waiting but he never came. So i left to walmart and I ask them and they had no clue? So I talked to the manager and he said he can’t do the price math because of store terms? Like wth? Store terms? So I was a little piss and I just told him you “you’re a dumb manager, whoever hired you needs to be fired as well” so I left walmart and went to best buy and what do you know? They price matched and they gave me an $20 gift card, made my day!

  14. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Was able to get it done last night! first had to call a few stores to find it in stock. when we first tried to PM the cashier said only PM to printed ads so, we asked for a mgr… CSM told assoc. to call store and verify that it is in their actual paper ad. local store told assoc only advertised online so we received another NO. Took it to the GM and explained how it is an IN STORE deal ONLY, It just happens to be advertised online. We showed the online ad indicating “In Store Only” GM approved. Finally, as we are being rung up they tell us no GC. We again asked GM about GC and told her we know this has been done before WITH the GC so… I think she was tired of us at this point and said, go ahead and honor the GC. NOTE: We never lost our cool, always polite and patient and just expressed how we knew this had been done by previous people. Always be nice but stand your ground and try not to take No for an answer the first, second or even third time! It’s worth it. Good Luck!

  15. Thank you for this post. I read it at 10:45 pm on the 19th and rushed to walmart to make sure I still got the $50 gift card. My walmart gave me no problems with price matching using my phone, but nowhere in the glass case where they kept the iPads did it mention a $50 gift card. I asked the sales associate about it and she said she hadn’t heard anything. Decided to get it anyway hoping it would be automatic like you mentioned and it was!!
    My son is truly going to be thrilled and I am super thrilled to have saved money. Thank you so much.

  16. This deal wored for us! The 1st store was a young kid and did have a clue, went to second store and they tried to give run around. In the end we got it and its a super deal. Thanks for posting! My 9yr old daughter is going to be very happy little girl on Christmas Day!

  17. Long story short, went to 4x Walmarts today. 2x had no iPad mini’s in stock. One gave me the run around, I.e. “the ad says in store only” we can’t match that….. 4th Walmart price matched with barely a glance at gge TRU ad and the transaction automatically offered up the gift card. WooHoo!!

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