Walmart Back to School Deals- How to save 50% or more on back to school supplies.

Walmart Back to School Deals

Walmart Back to School Deals

It might be the height of summer, but it’s also the perfect time to start grabbing Walmart Back to School Deals. You will want to grab your Free Printable Back to School Supplies List that includes the Walmart every day price for each item and a space to write in your price matching deals!

You will also want to check out the Walmart Online Shopping Deals for the newest savings on clothing, dorm essentials and supplies shipped right to your home. If you do decide to shop online, make sure you check out how you can get 2% Cash Back AND a free $10 Walmart Gift Card with a $10 purchase.

back to school sales and back to school supplies deals How to get the Best Back to School Sales and Supplies Deals

It is that time of year already to get ready for all the best Back to School Sales and supplies deals. Each Week we will have the best values for you to stock up on.

Are you determined to not spent $100 a child on back to school supplies for each child this year? Are you not satisfied with the quality of the prepackaged school supplies you can buy from the schools? I am here to help you this year buy ALL your kids school supplies this year for $20 a child or less!

The sure fire way to spend $100 a child: Buy all your school supplies the day or few days before school starts. Frantically run from store to store and find they are all sold out and start buying just whatever you can find at that point.

How to spend $20 or less on school supplies - Walmart Back to School Deals

  • Print the Back To School Supply List
  • Get your kids school supply lists
  • Add the items into the spreadsheet (one sheet for ALL your kids)
  • Watch the sales for the next 5-6 weeks
  • If it is less then Walmarts price at any store, buy it. (See Printable List Below)
  • If it is the same as Walmarts price wait a few weeks and see if it goes lower anywhere
  • About a week before your school starts, the things you are still missing, buy them at Walmart
  • Cross off items as you get them, so you are not overbuying

One other you can do? Go through their school supplies that they brought home from school in May and see what they can reuse. My wife keeps a Rubbermaid bucket that on the last day of school all the supplies they bring home go right into the bucket for the next year. It is full of rulers, unused folders, pencils, erasers and markers. We always go through this box to see what we have for the school supply list first, then see what we need new.

Other ways to save: 

You can also watch my video if you are a visual person, this explains it well:

Walmart School Supply