Walmart Is Doubling Coupons!

Attention Walmart Shoppers!

There are Walmart stores that are now doubling coupons. Yes, it is a dream come true! Everything up to $1. I am working on a putting together a list of the stores that are participating. Please let me know if you have one in your area!

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  1. Janet Morton says

    Won’t happen in Columbus, Nebraska. :( Only “competition” they have in town is Walgreens, Menards and a Dollar Store or two. Happy to hear SOME Walmarts will be doubling coupons!! yay!!! :)

    • Misty says

      I can’t believe they wont allow you to ad match at least the Grand Island Stores, that is terrible. The Walmart here allows ad matches from Targt in Kearney even, and that is quite a drive.

  2. xtal says

    madison, ohio walmart has been doubling for a while. You must specifically ask BEFORE the cashier starts scanning items. They price adjust every item as they go, and need coupons before they start. Its worth it. But be prepared to wait awhile in line while they adjust every price!!

    • Judy says

      I just called the Walmart in Mansfield OH and they told me there coupon policy is for all the stores and none of the Walmart stores are doubling coupons!

  3. says

    This is so wonderful!! My Walmart is within a half mile of my home and we are down to one car so I do a lot of walking and was just talking last night about how great it would be if Walmart doubled so that I could price match the grocery stores and do all my shopping in one stop…praise God! lol : )

  4. Michelle A says

    Please say they are in south east GA. Their is no one around here that doubles yet we need some1 too.

  5. ruby says

    How can I find out if one of the ones in my area is participating? Theres no answer at any of the walmarts here. Do you by chnace know if theres one in Laredo, Texas participating?

  6. Samantha says

    I’m excited and scared at the same time :/ The lines are already CRAZY LONG in The Woodlands I can only imagine what they will be like with this but it will be ohhhhhh… so worth the wait =] Paul any in Houston on board yet??

    • kesha says

      im in las vegas but i always shop really early in the morning like between 5am-6am our really late at night walmarts are 24hours here ! to avoid long lines :) hope you can do the same !

    • jacki says

      Do you work with a girl named Kim? last name was Hermanson not sure if still using that name or remarried or went back to old name. Tell her a old friend Jacki asked was friends with her when she was married to Mike and I was married to Bobby. Have her email me

  7. Stephanie Jarrett says

    I called Wal-Mart about this earlier today and the customer service lady told me it isn’t true. Probably just another example of employees that aren’t made aware of changes. At least I hope that is the case! : )

  8. Leigh Anne says

    I’m in Charleston, WV and most of the stores in my region are doubling. It is just on a trial basis and we don’t really know how long it will last. There is also other good news at our local Walmart. They are taking competitor’s coupons. So, they will take Target & Kroger coupons, woo hoo! And you can stack them from what I understand. I’m planning a trip for sometime this week! YEAH!

    • Leigh Anne says

      Also, there are some rules. In order to have your coupon doubled you have to give in to the cashier as she scans that particular item. They will be doubling them all manually since this is currently a temporary thing.

  9. MELISSA says


    • says

      I read an article earlier today that said this was being tested in several counties of Utah and that is all it was. The Walmart rep said that they’d like to expand and keep it going but as of now they weren’t sure. I hope it catches on like wild fire!

  10. kelly says

    I understand that they’re entering them manually, but still don’t understand why they would need to coupon at the same time they scan that item. That being said….I hope my store starts to double. It’s the only place we shop in our small town. When I mentioned double coupons to one of the managers at my store a week or so back, he’d heard nothing about it! And he’s been there since the store opened a few years back, so you’d think he’d be familiar with coupon policies and such, but not so much.

    Anyway, how do we find out if our store is one of the lucky stores? And does this mean that they would double a .75 cent coupon to $1.50 or just a $1?

    • tiffany says

      they need the coupon up front so they no how to adjust the price. For example if you buy something for $3 and have a 50cent off coupon, they will price change the item to $2.50 and then scan the coupon to take the other 50cents off. Hope that helps

  11. beth ann says

    i had a conversation with a csm the other day who didnt understand the difference between per purchase or per transaction.. she pointed to the sign that says we do not double coupons (as in use 2 coupons on 2 of the same item, 1 coupon per item) I laughed and said double coupons means you wont take .50cent coupon and turn it into $1.00.. but that is on its way, as its being tested in ohio she about died lol she said let it stay that way all this coupon stuff is confusing.

    Bottom line imo is BRING IT ON! we have NO stores in our area that double coupons, no grocery stores, our kmart wont double, so walmart might be our last chance.

    • Akeesha Holder says

      I can pretty much guarantee that if no other stores in your area double, neither will Walmart. Why would they? They have 0 incentive – they are already cheaper and don’t HAVE to double.

      In Atlanta, they’re the only store that doesn’t double and they actually lose business and have no choice but to double.

      • beth ann says

        why wouldnt they? i mean i understand your concept but walmart is corporate and what one walmart does they all do.. its part of being walmart. each store cant/dont make up their own rules

  12. says

    Oh please let it be TRUE! :) I’m in Maryland…hope they double soon! Ahhh, love me some Walmart. It’s the only place I shop at. I don’t go to a bunch of different places like other people do.

    • Brittany says

      I hope so too but I asked my store n they said
      No such thing that it’s a national store and if one did they all would she was pretty rude I hope she’s wrong

  13. Georgia says

    I’m in Georgia and my store knew nothing of it and I called Customer Service and they were like “Huh? What” Walmart doesn’t double.” Figures no one would have a clue.

      • Diane says

        I live in Eastern Kentucky. I called my local Walmart, they were clueless too. First I asked customer service, NO CLUE. They put me to a manager, NO CLUE. He put me to ANOTHER manager, again, NO CLUE!
        My local Kmart usually has ‘double coupon days’ one week out of every month. It’s nice but I really don’t care for Kmart. It’s always a mess and I can hardly find anything I have coupons for. You’d think that Walmart would try to stay in competition with Kmart at least during that one week of the month.

        • marg says

          I dont know if this is true or just a prank, because I called different walmarts in my area and the area my parents live in which is 7hrs from me. No one here has heard of it..they thought I was crazy to ask that question

  14. kelly says

    Ok, what I just read is that it’s only being tested out in Utah right now~~7 stores there, no other states right now. :(

  15. tiffany says

    The one in Madison, OH does – its a test market. They don’t have the registers set to automatically double the amount so the cashiers have to price change it first and then scan the coupon. It takes a bit more time to check out and it definately helps to have your items and coupons organized because you have to give them the coupons up front. Its awesome though beacause their prices are the same as other walmarts which make for lots of good deals

  16. stacy says

    OH the wait is killing me! :)

    My stores truly cannot handle the coupon policies now…this might be difficult…but so worth it.

    On another note, I asked here last month if WM limits to the limit in the ad when price matching and was told no. Last night, however, CSM and cashier said limit of # in the ad. Anything in print on this issue?

  17. Teresa says

    I live in Northwest Arkansas, home of Wal-Mart. Please tell me these stores will double coupons. Wal-Mart is all we have here.

  18. Sarah says

    There are stores in WV that are included in the test market. Which ones I don’t know, have a friend there that ran into it the other day. HTH

    • Amy says

      Not sure where you are located but Dillon’s will double the .55-$1 that makes them $1. like .75 will be $1

  19. Billi Sue says

    I called the WalMart here in Blairsville, GA and they said they haven’t heard anything about doubling coupons. But I do hope it comes this way and soon!

  20. Christine says

    I called corp and they said she doesnt know anything about it call my local store and they said same thing.. Bummer

  21. Lee says

    Good Luck trying to get through to your store managers. I just stayed on hold for 20 minutes with my local walmart waiting on a manager and no one ever came to the phone! I sure hope Boynton Beach Wal-Mart starts doubling! Thanks for all the wonderful deals and updates! I heart the mart is the BEST!

  22. Ryann says

    I’m in Huntington, WV and they’re doubling coupons. I live very close to Ohio and Kentucky so I would assume that Walmarts in the “tri state area” are doubling as well, though I can’t say for sure. You have to give the cashier the coupons for the items as they scan them, it’s time consuming BUT I love knowing that every coupon is going through. I’ve had problems with cashiers missing Q’s at walmart. My friend and I went last night and tried it out since there were so many expiring yesterday, LOVED IT. I got 4 jack daniel BBQ, French’s Honey Mustard, Kikkoman Soy Sauce, 3 Knorr’s Rice/Pasta Sides, 2 goldfish crackers, ritz crackerful, 2 floss, 2 toothpaste, 2 shaving cream, brownie mix and potato chips for $13 dollars! It feels great saving money on food rather than just deodorant and shampoo.

    Can anyone in my area explain to me what they mean by “matching competitors coupon policies”? Are they taking other store coupons?

  23. Paula says

    Just talked to the folks in Arkansas and they will not be doing it where I live. Figures!!!! Michigan is OUT!!! Dang it

  24. Mel says

    If walmart does start doubling some couponers will ruin it like everything else. shelves being wiped out and rude attitudes. My walmart was doing the price match on the b1g1 and a lady showed her butt in the store one day and now my walmart wont do it.

    • foximoxie says

      That’s unfortunate that someone is taking on that attitude and making it difficult for everyone but your Walmart can’t just “not do it” clearly states in the official coupon policy that they not only honor b1g1 free sales but will also accept a b1g1 free coupon with a specified price, therefore they MUST honor their own policy. This is not a policy that can be altered by each store manager. If enough people at your store sent in a complaint and/or shopped with the policy in hand I think you can get that problem taken care of very quickly.

  25. Jamie says

    haha! My local walmart in commerce texas refuses to follow the current coupon policy of paying overage so yeah doubt it will happen here!

    • Krista says

      Turn them into the corp office and they will honor it. They have to honor the policy or there will be major issues. I have a fight every time I go to my Wal-mart here in DFW area but I stand my ground policy in hand.

      • Kathy says

        The Walmart by my house in NY won’t allow overage either called corporate. Was told I would get a call back from the district manager within 4 days. I heard nothing called back and was told it would be bumped up to an urgent priority and expect to hear something in 2 days. Still nothing a month and a half later. Now I just don’t go to Walmart anymore.

  26. Tina says

    It sure would be nice if the ones in FL do this, since we Floridians don’t get to experience double couponing like the rest of the country does. Not sure why FL insists on being the only state to not double coupons ANYWHERE, but I’d sure like to see this change at at least one store for us couponers. I’m tired of reading the matchups for places like Publix and I don’t get the great doubling deals everyone else gets. We miss out on so much down here. I’m ready for a change!

  27. Melissa Frase says

    I really, really hope at least one in the Wichita, KS area is doing it :( we don’t have very many shopping choices so this would be awesome!

  28. Mandy says

    Please let someone close to Montgomery, AL double!!!!!!!! I have a publix that doubles and the winn dixie but some stuff is cheaper at walmart and if the coupon doubles that will be great!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Kelly Smith says

    They are not doing it in Indiana. I just called and spoke to the manager and they said no and didn’t know anything about it so I informed them that other Walmarts are doing it and that I thought the walmart stores should have the same policies. This manager said they would check ino it though. We will see!!

  30. margret says

    Oh how i wish Florida would be on the list!!! No stores in Florida double coupons!! I wish Walmart would start a trend here!!!! Please oh please!!

  31. krystal dunn says

    some in utah are, they are in utah county (lehi area) which is a 140 mile round trip for me. but only on tuesday.

  32. Brenda Haugen says

    1 Willmar, MN
    1 Watertown, SD
    1 Aberdeen, SD
    1 Montevideo, MN
    These are all within 1 hour of where I live w/the exception of Aberdeen, it’s 2 hour drive.
    Thanks :)

  33. shannon says

    im in louisiana near pineville and alexandria oh i hope they double and let you use other stores coupons to oh that would be so great lol

  34. Amanda says

    I just went in my local store and not only did she say that WM was most definitely not doubling coupons anywhere, but she also told me that the official coupon policy could not be accessed by the general public and printed, that only WM management was allowed to have a copy of that – can you say grossly uninformed?

  35. Mary says

    That would be so nice if ours doubled. But I won’t get to excited because they probably won’t. I am in Stockbridge Ga .

  36. says

    Just called our local Walmart (Covington, Louisiana) and spoke to a CSM. He stated that he knew nothing about it but could be uninformed on the situation and would look into it. I guess I will find out when I make my weekly Walmart run!

  37. Lindsey says

    I called 4 in my area today and none are doubling. I had one person at customer service ask me “what does the terminology of double coupon mean?” hehe

  38. marg says

    I hope walmart in Barstow, CA is doubling. Is this just this weeks deal or is it permenant. Does any one know?

  39. Bridgit says

    Hey will there be a Wal-Mart doubling in either Williamsburg, KY or most importantly Middlesboro, KY?? The one in WIlliamsburg has no competition, there’s only 1 other store and it’s an IGA. Middlesboro on the other hand has Food City, Kroger, and Save A Lot. There are all pretty close in price on most things most of the time. NONE of them double in KY

  40. Jennifer says

    I live in Traverse City, MI and the only large grocery store we have besides Walmart is Meijer, and they do not double. Our Kmart does participate in their double events, but their prices are so high and it is so far in between sales. I would LOVE it if our Walmart would double!! We need some relief up here! PLEASE! I wouldn’t shop anywhere else!

  41. jessica livingston rollins says

    my walmart in ripley wv is doubling…just started today they are competing with kroger!! im excited to go tomorrow with coupon binder in tow!!!

  42. Stephanie says

    Any in Colorado??? Doubt it….This Walmart is just plain stingy when it comes to anything these days…. Im talking about the ones in Fountain and Colorado Springs!!! And some pretty RUDE CSR’s!

  43. melissa says

    we have a walmart 15 min one way and another 30 mins the other but should i call and ask them or wait i.m in Oklahoma

  44. theresa says

    Curious, Walmart is a corporation not a franchise, so if one does, don’t they all have to, since policy comes from corporate?

  45. kristine says

    i really hope they do it at mine cuz ours are all surrounded by fry’s, safeway,walgreens,target,bashas and a few other stores so price matching with any store around here is unlimited and all those stores double too

  46. carter says

    I know the Utah County, Utah locations double on Tuesdays. Lehi, American Fork, Lindon, Orem, Springville, Spanish Fork and Payson locations.

  47. sheri says

    I will travel for that deal–interested in Conroe, Magnolia, Tomball, The Woodlands or any surrounding area.

  48. says

    I went to Wal-Mart in GA on 08.02.11 – NOT DOUBLING YET.

    Still waiting… If Wal-Mart would double coupons up to $1 they would be in “big” business. 😀

  49. foximoxie says

    Hi..just wanted to let everyone in the Charleston SC area know that our Walmart stores(these for sure: North Charleston, Summerville, Goose Creek) are doubling up to .60 (since their local competitor Bi-Lo doubles up to .60) right now but you have to ask first. During my transaction a manager told me that they’ll have their systems updated in September to do it automatically. Such great news!!! The manager made it sound like they were now doubling since local competitor’s double coupons, so that makes me wonder if they’ll honor super double events when they’re going on at Kmart and Harris Teeter!!!? I’m going to call and find out..I’ll let you all know asap :)

  50. foximoxie says

    My stores in the Charleston SC are now doubling manually up to .60, and I was told by a manager that they will have their systems updated so that doubling is done automatically by September. She told me that they weren’t supposed to give overage when it results from a coupon being doubled. She wasn’t certain though so she took my name/number and said she’d call me to let me know for sure. I’m hoping she was wrong but I’m just thrilled that they’re doubling! I encourage everyone to stay positive because she made it sound like this is going to happen at ALL Walmart stores by September! And please, a friendly reminder to ask everyone to be very patient and never pushy/demanding/fussy since it’s a real privilege to get our coupons doubled and to get overage (even if it’s only when coupons are not doubled)..we would all be so bummed if our impatience and poor attitudes resulted in everything being taken away :)

  51. Julie says

    There are Walmart stores in West Virginia who double coupons up to .99 cents. And they will price match on the same item too!


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