Walmart Deals: Price Match to Publix Buy One Get One (BOGO)Deals

Publix is one of those stores I wish we had in our area. This week they have 37 BOGO deals. There are only a few that they shouldn’t honor at Walmart because they don’t list a price. Matching BOGO sales with Coupons (check my coupon database) is how you really get some EXTREME savings. Here are my favorites from their BOGO list. Click HERE to see the whole ad. 



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  1. Crystal says

    I have a feeling that wal mart will give a hard time on this.. I hope they won’t. It would be so helpful for me to be able to PM Publix ads that qualify (price listed) because I actually have to drive 30 miles to my nearest publix and it gets disappointing just coming home with slips of paper (raincheck) after paying the gas to go. I know I can get it later, but it cost me 15 dollars to drive there and not come home with food… being able to go to the supercenter there and actually get product would be helpful (as long as I’m not having to double a coupon… now if wal mart did that……) I love publix but i’m just sayin’…

    • Ashley says

      Bring a policy and call corp. 1-800-WALMART. My walmarts will not price match publix because they don’t consider it a stated price only a “save” price, but as far as not price matching bogo, some stores do have stated prices which IS allowed. Def. call corp and print a copy of their price match policy!

  2. Karla Ramirez says

    I live in TN, and the Walmart of Hermitage depending on the manager will give you a hard time with the BOGO from Publix. For example I went on Tuesday to price match with Publix Ad and I didnt had any trouble. But when I went on Wednesday to price match the new ad, the manager gave me a REALLY hard time. She said that they didn’t allow the BOGO, that the don’t give you money back. So I show her the policy and she said, that she will allow it this time but I couldn’t use 2 coupons on top of the BOGO, I told her that it’s not the first time Walmart allowed me to do this, and she said that I was one of the few lucky persons. And I told her that not one of the few but one of the hundreds that do couponing in that Walmart. She said that if that was true we where taking advantage of the employees that didn’t know about coupons. I got really mad and return the items they didn’t allow for me to put coupons on.

  3. Tat says

    I, too, live in TN. I tried to price match Publix at the Springfield WM. Same as Ashley, cashier and leader said it is only a “save” price. I put those four items back finished the rest of my order.

  4. Danny says

    I had the same experience with the store in Springfield. The associate told me that they do not honor publix ads at all because the BOGO does not have a specified price. This is a matter of semantics. Anyone with common sense knows that the price you save by getting one free is the price. The store managers doing this are using technicalities not to honor a price guarantee. Secondly, they should not be able to disqualify the whole ad because not everything in the ad is BOGO. I wrote corporate but don’t really expect anything to happen.

    • Paul says

      Danny, to add to your point. the rice is actually going to be lower in many publix stores becasue the price they print is the highest price possible.

  5. Tina says

    I live in Ga . I went to my Walmart on Thursday and PM with Publix no problem. Went back on Friday to get 1 more BOGO and the cashier scanned the first item and then rang up the 2nd item for the difference of Publix and Walmart price. In the end i was going to have to pay the Publix price. I ended up not getting these items. Might as well go to Publix and not have to stand in line for 30 minutes!

  6. becky says

    I dont understand wal-mart bogo free they will not give you there price but want to charge the prices of the other store. i have been told that wal-mart should scan there price,then ring up one for like 2.98 and the other for .1 but they dont i bought cereal wal-marts price 2.98 the other stores price 3.98 i was charged 3.97 for one and .1 for the other it should have been 2.97 annd the other .1

    • Paul says

      They are supposed to use the price from the store you are matching. They should divide that stores price in half and price match the two items with half of the price from the other store. The idea is that you can buy something for the same price that you can get it at another store for. The bonus is that you can use 2 coupons instead of one.

    • Paul says

      Walmart price amtches BOGO sales that state a price. If it is a BOGO and you can save up to $XXX then that is the cost of one item.

      • Beth says

        The Wal-Mart here in Atlanta I shop at allows the BOGO from Publix. It depends on the manager on duty how they calculate it, which can be annoying. One time they used the Publix price and split it in half, yesterday they used their price (which was cheaper and I saved even more) and split it in half…I came out ahead this time, except this manager didn’t allow ad match to Kroger because he said they say “with card,” which is ridiculous. It’s really a hit or miss situation. I just wish they would be trained more on the policy and all stick to the policy. I hate feeling as if I am trying to scam or steal something because I use ad match plus coupons! I put a lot of time and energy into my trips to the store and shouldn’t be made to feel bad about getting a good deal.

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