Walmart Black Friday/ Brown Thursday Report

As I pulled into the parking lot, it felt just like Black Friday even though it was Thanksgiving night. Part of me hoped I would pull into an empty parking lot, I knew it wouldn’t be the case but we can dream.

I want to tell you that my store on Sawdust handled their business tonight. The lines were long and there were people EVERYWHERE, but they had every register open including the pharmacy and people were getting in and out in under an hour. Great Job by Debbie and her staff over there!

I love how some people stake their claims, some people were sitting on piles of trampolines, I mean grown men sitting on top of a pile of trampolines.  I don’t know why it struck me as so funny but it did.

If you were out what were your experiences, did you get what you wanted? How are you going to spend Black Friday? I hope you spend it with us online if you need help finding deals for your Christmas List.

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  1. says

    Our Walmart -Pikeville, Ky was great! The staff was ready and helpful. I went early for a spot in line for an ipad. I was able to get it without issues and checking out was not bad at all.

  2. Amy says

    I had a great experience at my Walmart here in Temecula also. There were lots of people but I went through the check out twice and each time was through in about 5 min. They had every cashier open and lots of extra help directing traffic. Didn’t get the sheets I wanted but got everything else!

  3. Jessika says

    I went out tonight. Walmart was a madhouse!!! Omg i was so ready to get home, but i got everything i went for. Got the Compaq presario laptop(179.99) a printer the prep n serve kitchen the fur real dog movies pjs. Had fun but so tired. Goodnight fellow couponers of the world=)

  4. Lindsey says

    Round one at 8:00 didn’t get the waffel maker, UGH! Round 2 went back at 1:30 to get the 5am TV and they were all spoken for, Double UGH!! I did get a few things though. Video game, pj pants, and candles.

  5. Mel says

    Only 4 trampolines at my store and tickets where gone by 6:15! Sale starts at 8 not 6!! Vizio tv where gone by 6:30 and they only had 10! Seriously? I was so pissed. I managed to get everything else on my list and price matched a lot so I was in line for awhile!!

    • Jessika says

      Sorry to hear Mel. I was surprised at my Walmart they let things go early, and that’s why they sold out so quick. That’s very smart of you to price match! Don’t think many people do. I just priced matched some Barbies, and uno from kmart. Happy holidays!

  6. Katelin says

    I got in line for the trampoline at about 6:30. I got the last ticket for it. It was about the only thing that I wanted, Everything else was just icing on the cake. We went to check out and the first thing they scanned was the Magic Bullet and it wouldnt scan because they issued a recall on it. Then it was time to ring up the Trampoline and guess what?? Recalled, wouldnt ring up. The manager said they had just gotten a call from corporate! I felt like it was a little bit of a bait and switch. They did issue me a rain check but I doubt I will hear from them before Christmas. :( Anybody else have problems like this??

  7. Melissa says

    Can anyone explain why a store would not have an ire
    that was in the ad? My husband went to three stores and each time was told the items he was out o purchase were not there. Ever.

  8. amber says

    Home and tired!!! Went to the walmart in richfied, utah, stood in line for three hours i in the ipad line my mother and daughter in law in the 179.00 computer line son in the ps3 which didnt have a line are tickets they had 16 of the ps3 when they went at 8pm he jumped in and got one there was about 30 people trying to get one and they had those hard cover carryon bags right there with the ps3 and a girl started hitting him over the head with one trying to get his ps3 so wasnt happy with that set up for those. they only had 20 of the 179.00 laptops but my mom and daughter was number 18 and 19 and had to wait in line for them for 3 hours but all of us got what we wanted so we are happy and tired!

  9. Katelin says

    Yep, the one for $159. I have been trying to find info online and havent found anything! Seems a little fishy to me. I sent an email to corporate already to see what the deal is and am waiting to hear back from them.

  10. says

    IM TICKED! My local WM where i went this morning at like 4am is a buncha BS!!! went to get the 50in tv that was $298 on the sale bill and it was supposed to go on sale at 5am. well…… we were told that ALLLL the 5am sale items WERE GONE BEFORE 9pm THURS NIGHT!!!!!!!! THIS IS PURE BULL CRAP!! IM so very upset, disgusted, ticked off, and my list could go on but you get the point im sure…… im goin to find the complaint number and i will be calling that number as soon as i have it…. there were sooooo many ppl in my shoes at the same store at the same time and we were allll NOT HAPPY AT ALL!!! what happened to playing by the rules?!??!!!! BTW, if any of you all have the number i need to call i would be most appreciative if you could let me know what it is… and thank you! Thx for reading my complaint! This WM usually is a difficult one to even deal with, i shouldnt have been surprised that they didnt go by the rules! As they dont ever wanna go by the Comp rules or Coup rules either…..
    Thanks… From: Beth (Ticked off in KY)

    • Paul says

      wow, that is not right at all. I know that some of the of the stores handed tickets out early, but it was like an hour early to people that were in line for hours. they told them they were not allowed to check out until the stated time, but they wanted to free up the lanes and allow people to shop. No one got anything they weren’t going to get. 8 hours early is ridiculous.

    • Lindsey says

      We got there for the same item at 1:30am and were told the same thing. We originally went at 8 and asked when they would be starting to line up for the 5am event and were told it wouldn’t be until everyone was out from the 8 and 10 oclock events. We were really upset also. I feel you sista!! In MO

      • Chad says

        At our Walmart I heard they only got in 4 of the 50″ screen tvs and there were already 4 people in line when I got there at around 7pm. They give out tickets at our WM. IMO I think it’s fair.

  11. katrina says

    Great experience at my store on zero st. in Fort smith, ar. I only went for pjs. dvds, and slippers and had no problem. It was chaos near electronics, but people were helping each other everywhere else. Every register was open and we were in and out in 30 minutes. Thanks wally

  12. Anne says

    Our store did not get any of the xbox live cards, which was a choice item that I would have loved to score. I did get a TV, I went at 8pm to sign up and get in line, I was 170. I knew that I had to be there before 10pm. Then I hung around because all the memory mats were gone, but I scored 3 that people had put down. So I got a couple of things that I wanted but I really wish they would have just have it all online, it would be so much easier.

  13. Kayleen says

    Went to our Walmart in Greenville, PA. My friend saw a whole bunch of people stealing dvds and video games! There was like a huge free for all. She saw people putting them under their coats, down their sleeves…she saw pairs of people “lifting” them together…one stealing the item while the other kept watch. It was disgusting. They had a cop back in the place where they had the towels, pillows, small appliances, etc. We told an employee on the way out. Next year they need to put a cop there. The WII games and other games were so cheap….it is so sad that people resort to that. It was awful. They took out the whole one section of purses and some clothes and shoved all the boxes of all the clothes (kids & adults) that were in the flyer into this section. It was butt to butt people. You could barely move, let alone get your cart between the rows of boxes. The Timex watches were on a box display just thrown in among the boxes of clothes. I was picking a pair of jeans and turned around to get something else and literally ran into the watch display. You would have thought they would have at least been NEAR the jewelry counter. I was looking for a certain size mens’ Wrangler jeans. The one display didn’t have the size I was looking for so I assumed they were out. There was a box next to it of something else…then next to that box there was another box of the mens’ Wrangler jeans that had the size I needed. The character boys’ and girls’ underwear….they only had about 20 pairs of boys and 20 pairs of girls. That was ridiculous. Everyone said that was the worst Black Friday experience they ever had there. The cops even agreed. I have decided I will NEVER go to Walmart on Black Friday again!
    BTW…interesting tidbit I heard on the news…last nite Walmart sold 1.8 million of those $1.87 towels!

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