TOP Walmart Deals from the Sunday Coupon Inserts for 7/14




Here is the list of the top Walmart deals from the Sunday coupon inserts. There are multiple FREE items, plus overage!

C&H Light Sugar Packets: $1.92
C&H $2/1 light product (RP 7/14, exp 9/3)
Total: FREE + $0.08 Overage

Colgate Toothpaste, 4.6oz: $0.94
Colgate $.50/1 toothpaste 4oz+ (SS 7/14, exp 7/27)
Total: $0.44

(2) Gain Fresh Lock Island Fresh Fabric Softener Sheets, 40ct: $2.17
Gain $2/2 detergents or fabric enhancers (RP 7/14, exp 8/31)
Total: $1.09 each WYB 2

(2) Gillette Daisy Disposable Razors, 5ct: $3.47
Gillette $4/2 female disposable (RP 7/14, exp 8/31) ETS
Total: $1.47 each WYB 2

M&M’s Chocolate Candies, 1.5oz: $0.68
Chocolate Bars (assorted variety): $0.68
M&M’s Buy 1 chocolate candies 1.14-1.74oz, get 1 chocolate bar free 1.5oz (RP 7/14, exp 8/25)
Total: $0.34 each WYB both

Mitchum Deodorant: $1.99 (Price Match Walgreens ad 7/14-7/20)
Mitchum $1/1 men or women product excludes trial sizes and multipacks (SS 7/14, exp 8/18)
Total: $0.99

OxiClean Laundry Stain Remover Spray, 21.7oz: $2.77
OxiClean $2.50/2 products excluding Dishwashing Booster (SS 7/14, exp 9/30)
Total: $1.52 each wyb 2

Premium Round Crackers 10oz: $1.88
Premium $1/1 rounds crackers 10oz+ (SS 7/14, exp 8/23)
Total: $0.88

Soft Scrub 4-in-1 Toilet Care: $1.97
Soft Scrub $1/1 product (RP 7/14, exp 8/17)
Total: $0.97

Tena Active Pads, 26ct: $2.86
Tena $5/1 Stylish, Active or Anywhere product (SS 7/14, exp 8/31)
Total: FREE + $2.14 Overage

Treasure Cave Blue Cheese, 5oz: $1.88
Treasure Cave $1/1 flavored crumbled blue cheese 4oz+ (SS 7/14, exp 9/1)


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  1. the tena pads coupon says up to 5.00 and has a place for them to write in the amount, won’t it just take off the purchase price and not give you the full five dollars?

  2. I went to my area walmart with a $5.00 tena coupon and bought tena pads for $2.86. I believed that I would be receiving the difference as money in my pocket. However, Walmart would not honor the overage amount based on the wording “up to”, which was contrary to my understanding. All comments welcomed…..

    • Martha Walmart Does not give overage On A Coupon that states Up To a certain price. If they do it is the Walmart employee not paying Attention is all. Most of the coupons that Are A up to will have a box to Write in the amount of the product.
      It will give you overage If the coupon said $5/1 Witch in this case it does not :(
      You may get Lucky and get that nice CSM or cashier. Happy couponing :)

      • Paul Ivanovsky says:

        I would agree with you for the most part. The issue with this coupon is that it doesn’t have a place to put the amount of the product. Many cashiers will adjust the coupon, but they also need to write the amount or Walmart will get reimbursed the full $5.00.

  3. Samantha says:

    I want to save some people heartache who have been waiting for a good moneymaker like the tena active pads, this is NOT a moneymaker as the coupon states save UP TO $5.00. I don’t know if it was just because of the particular Walmart I went to but when the cashier scanned them it only took off the amount of the pads, both the CSM and the Store Manager stated it was because the coupon states “Up To” in savings, even though the fine print reads they will be reimbursed the face value of the coupon which to me is the $5.00 max, but I guess I’m wrong. I left almost a whole cart full behind because without the overage it wouldn’t be worth getting the rest of the items. I hope others have better luck.

  4. I’m not sure there will be overage on the Tena. When I’ve used their high dollar coupons in the past at Wal Mart they have only given me the retail amount of the item. Still free, so no complaints. It looks like there is a place to write in the value on the bottom of the coupon.

  5. Mochelle says:

    I’m not find the Rena coupon in my smart source in any of them I got Houston chronical an it’s not in it!! Anyone have an ideal why!!

  6. how is everyone getting their 7/14/2013 sunday coupons on the 13th

    • In my area the local paper comes out on Saturday and there is no paper delivered on sunday. So the coupons come in the Saturday morning weekend edition. That gives me an extra day to apply the coupons for the weeks prior ads and the the week starting on Sunday. That is how I get the coupons on the 13th. I have two subscriptions to two different papers. The local News-Sun ads comes on Saturday and the Chicago Tribune ads come on Sunday.

  7. Cassey R. says:


    I live up near Dallas, and in the paper up here this week we did not get the Tena coupon, and our CH sugar coupon was only for $1.50 off instead of $2 off.

    We usually get the same coupons as you guys do down there, but guess they are changing it up some this Sunday.

  8. Super Mom says:

    I’m SO bummed NOT to find the Tena Q in my paper. Also my Red Plum comes in the mail, which did NOT come this week? :( (Virginia Beach, VA) It’s all good, really…. How many of us REALLY, REALLY need to hit up the store today? I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. :) Thanks, Paul and the I Heart the Mart Team! :)

  9. My 7/14 SS & RP did not have any of the coupons listed here?!?!?!?! I just started a multi-paper delivery in my area. Now I’m worrying. Could all of the above mentioned q’s be regional? I don’t think so. Solutions?

    • Paul Ivanovsky says:

      I didn’t get that coupon either, it was on a list that I was sent of coupons that came out. don’t panic, besides the Tena which coupon didn’t you get?

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