Top Deals Walmart Black Friday Blitz- Complete List Below

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At 8 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 22, Walmart will kick off a pre-Black Friday savings event in stores and online, lowering the prices on popular toys and electronics, to match select Black Friday offers from Target, Toys R’ Us and Best Buy one week early. There is no Price Matching required for this event, Walmart is lowering the prices online and  in the store for select items only.

I have obtained the complete list of what those items will be. I have linked all the UPC codes for items online that I could find. If I figure more of them out I will update! This is mostly toys and video games. Not a lot of electronics, but it will save you time and money for sure!

Top Deals From the Walmart Black Friday Blitz


  1.  LeapPad 2 – WAS: $79, NEW PRICE: $39.99
  2. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe – WAS: $49.87, NEW PRICE: $34.99
  3.  Nerf Rebelle Crossbow – WAS: $19.88, NEW PRICE: $11.99
  4.  Monopoly Board Game – WAS: $7.77, NEW PRICE: $5
  5.  Hot Wheels Single Car – WAS: .97 cents, NEW PRICE: $.60 cents
  6. Play-Doh 4 Pack- WAS: $2.96, NEW PRICE: $1.00
  7. Star Wars Ultimate FX Lightsaber- WAS: $39.96, NEW PRICE: $17.49


  1. Scrabble Flash- WAS: $14.86, NEW PRICE: $3
  2. Yahtzee Flash- WAS: $14.86, NEW PRICE: $3
  3. Connect 4 Launchers- WAS: $19.77, NEW PRICE: $5
  4. Wits & Wagers Party- WAS: $27.88, NEW PRICE: $12


  1. LG 50-inch HDTV – WAS: $598, NEW PRICE: $448
  2. Skylanders Starter Packs for Wii, 3DS, PS3, XBOX1, PS4, Xbox – WAS: $74.96, NEW PRICE: $37
  3. Infinity Starter Packs for Wii, 3DS, PS3, XBOX1, PS4, Xbox – WAS: $74.96, NEW PRICE: $37
  4. PS4 and Xbox One  Call of Duty: Ghosts– WAS: $59.96, NEW PRICE: $49
  5. PS4 and Xbox One  NBA 2K14  – WAS: $59.96, NEW PRICE: $49
  6. PS4 and Xbox One   Battlefield 4 – WAS: $59.96, NEW PRICE: $49

These Deals ARE NOT live yet. I am putting the direct links in so you can keep checking for when the sale hits.

This List Has Expired
Toys- Click Highlighted UPC Codes to Shop Online Direct
Board Games

To clear up some online confusion. The deals will be available online on friday. I am trying to find out if you buy it online now if they will give you a gift card back when they drop the price.

When Duncan Mac Naughton of Walmart said : “Black Friday is our Super Bowl and we plan to win,” he wasn’t kidding.

I have learned that Walmart is going to take around 100 of the competitions hottest Black Friday Items and put them on sale starting Friday. I am typing up the complete list and will post it on here as soon as I get it finished.

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  1. Dawn says

    I went to walmart today and bought my skylander starter pack.
    So I just take the ad into the store and they will give me the difference?
    Where do you get the ad?

  2. r.p. says

    lol. you must be chewing tums like candy with all the work you doing. i just wanted to thank you now for all the hard work you are doing in keeping up with all the info and updates. may you and yours have the most joyful Christmas!!!!

  3. Paige Melander Wegner says

    Will walmart credit me the difference back on a giftcard if i buy tomorrow and then go in to price match on Friday?

  4. Kristen says

    Half of the games are already out of stock online. I’m debating whether I just attempt the stores. Also, random question, what do you think the chances are of Walmart including the Little Tikes Handiworker Workhorse (advertised in Toys R Us BF flyer for $12.49) in this sale? Just wondering if I’ll be able to avoid Toys R Us this year. Thanks for all the updates and hard work!!!

  5. Tara says

    Do you know if the Disney little people princess castle is part of the Friday deal? Thanks for you site…I heart

  6. Momof2 says

    I appreciate all your hard work, but I do have a question. I remembered having a problem with buying an item previously from walmart (store) and then, when I had arrived home, found it cheaper on their site. When I spoke with customer service, I was told the stores do not match the site. I ended up having to return the item for a full refund and order the item from for that pricing (it was a tablet and it was at least a $20 difference). I’m worried that the same thing will happen again, and it seems the last part of the policy states just that; Am I misinterpreting this? Here is the policy copied and pasted.

    Online Prices:
    If the price of an item on changes within 7 days from the date you placed your order, we will provide a price adjustment at your request.

    Please contact us and one of our Customer Service Associates will be happy to help you.

    Price adjustments are not available for the following:
    • Clearance items
    • Value of the Day or Special Buy items
    • Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Cyber Week items
    • Associate Discount Card purchases

    Unfortunately, does not price match Walmart stores or other retailers, including other websites.

    Store Prices:
    Walmart stores do not honor or match prices from, other online sellers, or from advertisements outside of a store’s local trade territory.

    • Lacy says

      I tried to match a car seat that was cheaper online in the store and was told that they do not match prices to I think every walmart makes their own rules.

  7. gina says

    Will Walmart price match black Friday ads from competitors such as Best Buy? If so, can it be put on layaway for the that price? Also, will we be able to put bf items on layaway if the layaway dept does not open until 8am. From what I read, bf prices are good Nov 28 thru Dec 1st.

  8. Leslie says

    I have a 10.00 Skylander Swapforce coupon that expires 11/30 so only 27.00 So excited about this deal. I got the coupon off of a package of specially marked Frito Lay multipack chips. I still see these packs at walmart. The coupon is on the inside of the bag with a 1.00 off of figures and a 5.00 off of skylander Giants starter pack.

  9. Amanda says

    Ok little confused…is THIS sale online or instore? I asked an employee at my local walmart today & she acted like I was dumb & said “Black Friday is next week after Thanksgiving”. I know that silly it was THIS sale I was referring to :/

    • Paul Ivanovsky says

      Both, trust me some managers weren’t even aware until they read it on my site. I guarantee most employees don’t either.

  10. Kate says

    For the actual black friday event will they allow layaway and then pick up black friday for the sale price. I remember last year people did that but I don’t want to go out black friday unless I am guaranteed the item (layaway) and sale price. Thanks!

  11. Lisa says

    I didn’t see Wii U listed in the Skylander/Infinity starter pack but on the flyer it is listed. It is available for the $37 for the Wii U, correct?

  12. csnyder says

    I saw you were still wondering if they will price match for items purchased online. Got this from

    “Beginning today, the retailer also extends its Christmas Ad Match* to customers. Customers who purchase an item on, and find a lower price in a local brick and mortar competitor, can email and receive the difference on a gift card. The same policy is in place for customers at Walmart stores for items purchased Nov. 1 through Dec. 24, excluding Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.”

  13. Nikky says

    Are all of these items going to be on sale both online and in store, or are some of them online only ? And if I go today and purchase these items and put them on layaway will I be able to get them for the sale price tomorrow if I pay it off?

  14. Marsha says

    I just heard that these sale prices do not apply in the state of Wisconsin because of some law about minimum markup. Does anyone know is this is true or not? I don’t want to go out to the store tomorrow morning for nothing.

  15. Brenda says

    amazing list…thank you. what are your thoughts on walmart cancelling online orders? I have three small children and won’t be able to get to walmart until later in the day when I could get a sitter. I was going to go online at 8 am and order the items I needed but so worried after the last glitch of them cancelling…thoughts??

    • Paul Ivanovsky says

      I am waiting for a call to see what time the online sale starts. keep checking back!! they won’t cancel, this is a planned event.

  16. Michelle says

    Yesterday, I tried to put a bunch of stuff on layaway from tomorrows AD, and was denied since the items were under $15 each. Then I only had a few items that were over the $15 minimum and was denied that because the minimum total of my purchases did not total at least $50! So beware of these rules before you go shopping for hours with the intent to put it all on layaway, (like I did) It made for a very long day, and if I had the money I would have bought it yesterday then come back tomorrow for a price adjustment. But I am sooo broke like a lot of people, and scouring the AD’s for the best deals for Christmas is the only way I can afford Christmas for my family this year.
    Paul, thank you for all you do to help us! It really saves me and all of us a lot of time and stress during this holiday season! THANK YOU!!

  17. Annette E says

    Do the sales start online at 8am EST, also, or earlier than that? If I buy online today can I get a credit tomorrow? Thanks for all you do for us! Knowing about these sales ahead of time is great!

  18. Beca says

    I noticed online the Disney Infinity Starter sets for the Wii and Wii U are marked to $37 already. I didn’t try to go through the whole check out process, but it let me add it to my cart at that price.

  19. Kathy Kliewer says

    Just an FYI to all Black Friday shoppers, I took my Christmas list from children and grandchildren around 3 weeks ago to price everything and then wait to see what the balck friday prices would be. At Walmart I found two items they have on Black Friday sales ads that are a farse. The Talking Soffia doll was regular price of 32.99 three weeks ago. In the ad it says the regular price is 59.99 and the Black Friday price is 37.99. The second item was a mini Keruig. I have been looking at these for months and recently looked, (Nov. 7th) and the regular price was 99.99. Black Friday ad says the regular price is 129.99 and on sale for 99.99. Clearly, buyers need to beware. I have found this at multiple stores. Many items have been marked up so they can say you are getting a steal on Black Friday and they are no bargain, they are often even higher than regular price.

  20. Daniel says

    Thank you.
    Where are you finding your information about the Monster High High School and such?
    The ad for tomorrow on (at least for my area) doesn’t have 1/2 of the items you have listed.
    Are these online-only?
    Thank you.

  21. Kristen says

    Does this include the pink LeapPad 2 or only the green one? Also can we buy it earlier online and then price match? Thank you!

  22. Alysia says

    I think you are linking to the wrong Leappad. The ad says it is the one originally priced at $79. The link you have is for the $89 one (which is the better one in my opinion). I wish it was for that one.

  23. Kristy says

    Do you have to get to the store early like on Black Friday? I’m so lost I called 2 stores an they both have no clue!

  24. Heather says

    So if I go in tonight and put the Inifinty game on layaway I can then go in tomorrow and pay it off for the sale price? Kinda like putting it on hold? I am worried about making the trip out there and then it being sold out. It would be a big pain to go out there tomorrow since my husband would have to get the kids off to school.

  25. Nancy1 says

    just went to my local walmart and yes everything is on sale!!!!!! some things are gone already. A store employee said they will restock in the morning.

    • Paul Ivanovsky says

      I don’t have an exact time, I talked to the people at and can’t say an exact time. It is supposed to go out about 8:00 eastern.

  26. Kristy says

    Went to my local store and nothing was in sale yet. …. Actually almost each person I asked about the sale dd not even have a clue about it! So aggravating!

    • Paul Ivanovsky says

      I don’t have an exact time, I talked to the people at and can’t say an exact time. It is supposed to go out about 8:00 eastern.

  27. kymi a says

    I called my local walmart and the manager never heard of this event tommorrow lol! I don’t know what to do, but I got some free time I’m gonna go down with my ad in hand.

  28. Kris Potterfield says

    What a let down! At 8:05 the leap frog was sold out. Many of the items listed above are not on sale for the price listed.

  29. Kris Potterfield says

    Pink leap pad 2 on sale at amazon for $39. Walmart must have had about 4! I never did like walmart!

  30. Rose says

    Yeah! this so-called Pre Friday Black Event is NOT working because you all DO NOT have out the stuff people are expecting on Thursday and Friday. Nice try!


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