Top 20 Walmart Coupon Match Ups from the Sunday Paper Inserts

I have put together my Top 15 Coupons from the Inserts this Weekend. I don’t have the General Mills Insert yet so I will add that in later. There are a lot of other quality coupons available this weekend, these are the ones I liked the best. Plenty of Deals here to build back up the Under $1 List!

I didn’t include the J&J because it is all Target and the Walmart one is only 4 coupons for diapers.

Smart Source- Healthy Essentials

1. KY Jelly: $2.82
Save $3.00 on Any KY Product, exp. 3/31/12 (SS HE 1/8/12)
Total: Free + $.18 overage

2. Schick Disposable Razors: $1.97
Save $2.00 Any Schick Disposable Razor Pack, exp. 2/19/12 (SS HE 1/8/12)
Total: FREE (Coupon says No Cash Back)

3. Bic Cristal Pens: $.97
Save $1.00 Any Bic Stationary Product, exp. 2/15/12 (1/8/12)
Total: FREE + $.03 overage

4. J&J Red Cross Butterfly Closures: $1.52 or J&J Red Cross Gauze Pads: $1.58
Save $3/3 J&J Red Cross Products, exp. 3/31/12 (SS HE 1/8/12) exc all first aid kits
Total: $.52 each Butterfly Closures or $.58 each Gauze Pads

5. Visine AC .5 oz: $3.50
Save $2.00 on Any Visine(.5 oz)
Total: $1.50

Bonus BOGO- Stay Free Pads: $2.86
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE, exp. 2/15/12 (SS HE 1/8/12)
Total: $1.42 each

Smart Source 2

1. Hershey’s Air Delights: $1.09
B1G1 FREE, exp. 2/18/12 (SS 1/8/12)
Total: $.55 each

2. Bic Disposable 2 Pack: $.97
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE, exp. 2/5/12 (SS 1/8/12)
Total: $.49 each

Alterantive Bic Deal- Bic Disposable 10 pack: $2.94
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE, exp. 2/5/12 (SS 1/8/12)
Total: $1.47 each

3. Nabisco Cookie Packs: $1.00
Save $2/3 Nabisco Products, exp. 1/27/12 (SS 1/8/12)
Total: $.33 each

4. Gas-X 10 Ct: $1.98
Save $3.00/2 Any Gas-X Benefiber, Gas-X, Prevacid 24HR or Maalox Advanced , exp. 4/14/12 (SS 1/8/12)
Total: $.48

5. Silk Milk 1qt: $1.96
Save $.75 on any Qt< or Multi-pack, exp. 2/8/12 (SS 1/8/12)
Total: $1.21

Red Plum Insert

1. Suave Shampoo (Professional & Mens):$1.66 PM to CVS
Save $1.00/2 Suave Professionals, exp. 2/5/12 (RP 1/8/12)
Save $1.00/2 Suave Mens, exp. 2/5/12 (RP 1/8/12)
Total: $1.16

2. Suave Deodorant: $.97
Save $.50 Any Suave Deodorant, exp. 2/5/12 (RP 1/8/12)
Total: $.47

3. Temptations Cat Treats: $1.50
B1G1 Free Any Cat Treats, exp. 2/18/12 (RP 1/8/12)
Total: $.75 each

4. Axe Shower Gel 12oz: $3.97
B1G1 Axe Shower Gel or Detailer (RP 1/8/12)
Total: $1.98 each

5. Kellogg’s Cereals: $2.00 (PM to CVS up to 15oz)
Save $1.00/3 Kellogg’s Cereals, exp. 2/19/12 (RP 1/8/12)
Total: $1.66

General Mills

1. Chex Mix: $1.25 (PM to Walgreens)
Save $.50/2 Chex Mix, exp. 3/3/12 (1/8/12 GM)
Total: $1.00

2. Lucky Charms or Golden Grahams Treats: $2.00
Save $.50/1 Lucky Charms or GG Treats, exp. 3/3/12 (1/8/12 GM)
Total: $1.50

3. Totino’s Party Pizza: $1.25
Save $.60/3 Totino’s Party Pizza, exp. 3/31/12 (1/8/12 GM)
Total: $1.05 each

4. Yoplait Yogurt: $.66
Save $.40/6 Yoplait Cups, exp. 3/3/12 (1/8/12 GM)
Total: $.59 each

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          • Marianne says

            Finish Dishwashing Good Afternoon everyone, this is Sam from FINISH Consumer Relations. Please let me start of my apologizing for any confusion there may have been with the recent coupon in Sunday’s paper. For clarification, the $2.15 coupon can be used towards any Finish® Quantum 25 count or higher. It can also be used on ANY size Powerball® Tabs or Gelpacs®. There was a separate $1.00 coupon that can be used on Finish® Quantum 10 or 12 count. Thanks, and again, sorry for any confusion. Hopefully everyone will have the opportunity to try the product and have GREAT RESULTS!

            this is posted on the Finish Facebook page. It is good on any size other than the Quantum 10-12.

          • Cammy says

            I use the finish products in my home. They are great!! I have given several of these boxes to friends and family and it is surprising how they will come back and tell me how good it is!!

  1. Veronica says

    Tried to use a $2 off any Schick Disposable Razor Pack at my Walmart last week and they refused to take it. They said that because the pack has those “2 Bonus Razors,” it gives them some reason to refuse it. Anyone else have that problem?

    • Melissa says

      They are probably confused because in the past there have been coupons specifically on the ST2 razors(the 2 free ones) and people would try to use them on the $1.97 packs. The actual 10 razors you are paying for are not ST2, so those coupons were not really supposed to be used on them. The current coupon, however, is good on any and this one can be used on the $1.97 pack. You may need to point out that this one says “any” and they are not on any specific kind.

      • Amber R. says

        The bs my cashier told me was that they werent actually a 12 pack because the 2 extra razors were bonus razors. So the 1.97 packs would qualify as a 10 pk of disposable razors and the coupon stated 12 pk. Load a you know what in my opinion so I just took it to another cashier who had no problem running it through!

  2. Alissa says

    Where are you finding those nabisco $1 packs? I went today and didn’t see anything for less than about $3 in the cookie area.

  3. Jenna says

    My Nabisco coupon is $3/3! That means that these would be completely free! Anyone else have this coupon as well? I live in Detroit Michigan, so look for it!

  4. Avery O says

    I am confused.. I got the same inserts as in the picture, but the ONLY coupon I have the same is the AXE.. I don’t have ANY of the other coupons listed here yet the cover on the 2 Smartsoure’s and the Redplum are exactly the same…. WEIRD! Is there another way to get them?

    • r.p. says

      quite a few companies are doing “regional” coupons. that is why like on redplum, etc. you have to put in your zip or change a zip code to find what you want. our local paper is small town so we either get the dallas for “good” coupons or my sister gets the houston paper, she lives near trinity and mails them to me.

  5. Lindsay says

    Bummed out. My houston paper did not have the gen mills coupon insert. Hopefully my back up people got them. Also, I only got three inserts. Two ss and one rp. Lady time my husband went out and got two papers for me and neither one had coupons. What a waste.

    • Christina Gilbert says

      I have extra, I’ll send them too you. Some items have been cut out but I will send the rest to you. I don’t use GM inserts anyways, most of the time they end up on my works shelves.

  6. Tara says

    I didn’t get the Target insert….I never get them when they are out. I’m also quite bummed about the Back on Track deals. I went to three diff Walmarts and didn’t see any of the deals/bins.

  7. ashley s says

    all i had in my paper was the redplum. not smartsource. no general mills or target. no mcdonalds either. BOO!

  8. Amber R. says

    My area never gets the redplum for some reason :( I tried to sign up for the mailings for the redplums but thats not available in my area either boo :(

  9. ana says

    funny enough the 1.97 razors have ALWAYS been out of stock since the $6/2 q came out, and then a month later, but before Q expired i got the razors, but i went back about a week ago and i noticed they had rearranged the razors and took the 1.97 razors away :(

    • Amanda says

      It is because the warehouse is ALWAYS out… We have people coming in trying to get them, and check and the warehouse is always out of them, so maybe that is why they took them away.

  10. Amanda says

    I;m not sure if they price match to Stater Bros… but if they do, you can price match the Totino’s pizza… $1.00 at Staters 😀 Making them .80 each!

  11. Heather says

    Dear Paul,
    Thank you for reading the fine print on your coupons before you get people excited. I read my fine print and correct many websites in my area. Just wanted to give credit where credit is due, and let you know you are doing an amazing job (as if you needed confirmation, right?)

    • Kari says

      Yes, thank you for checking the fine print. Get disappointed when I go to a store to get a good deal just to find out the coupon will not work. Glad to see you price matching Dollar General. Would love to see you price match family dollar.

  12. Angie says

    Thank you for all the work you do to help us save money! I so appreciate it and look forward to reading through and seeing what I can buy for really cheap or free! Sure has helped in these tight times!

  13. Andrea says

    Paul, when you get these coupons, do you use them right away, or wait a couple of weeks – till close to expiration date – to see if they will be on sale anywhere?

    Thanks for all that you do!

  14. Laurie says

    Just used my 20 colgate coupons at walmart ! Each tube was .97 before the coupon. After coupon .6 cents overage !

  15. Jennifer Nichols says

    Hi Paul,
    Well yesterday I spent several hours getting all of my price matched and coupons ready. I headed to Walmart with my husband in tow because I wanted him to experience the deals I was about to get. I was disappointed because I was only able to get 5 Cortaid (that was all they had) and they were completely out of the KY (imagine my disappointment). A few of my price matches included: Ken’s Dressing @ $.81 from Target, Reach toothbrushes @ $.99 via Walgreens (ended up free) and too many to list. I got 22 boxes of Cheez-it, Ritz etc, 13 pkgs BIC Mark-It, 12 bottles Ken’s Ranch Dressing, 11 Up2Gum, 9 toothbrushes, 12 toothpaste and much more. I had $121 in coupons, over $150 in price matches and I left paying $90. I felt that this was a very successful trip! I LOVE your site. Thank you.

    • Ashley says

      how did you use that many? the coupon says ONE PER PERSON and no more than FOUR in the transaction.
      Thats coupon fraud

  16. Tabatha says

    This is my first time to your website, noticed the acknowledgment of your site from an decided to check u out. OMG! Soooo excited too see all the pics u include an how u brk down the inserts. I am loving it an even more excited. Love your site an appreciate what u r doing.

  17. Stacy says

    No flipping wonder everything is out of stock. I mean really? Are 8 packages of Cortaid really necessary? Can’t you spread your purchases out. This is the reason retailers are changing their coupon policies.

  18. Jennifer says

    I just wanted to let all of you know that the Nabisco coupon that I got in Ohio was for $3.00 off of ANY 3 Nabisco items. The Go-Packs are on sale at my Wal-Mart in Canal Winchester for $1.00 each. Logically, I assumed that I could get 3 Go-Packs for free with my coupon. Well, the cashier politely told me that someone else had the same idea earlier that evening, and that they had to get the manager involved. The manager didn’t let that customer use her coupon, since the coupon shows “boxes” of Nabisco items and not “Go-Packs”. Even though I knew I was in the right, and that the coupon did not give any size restrictions, I did not fight the cashier on it (because she was polite) and put the Go-Packs back in the bin near the register. 5 minutes later, I decided to drive to the Kroger across the street from the Wal-Mart, because I had some coupons for Pure Protein bars that would make them free when stacked against the sale price of 10 for $10. Well, I also decided to try and use the Nabisco coupon at Kroger with the Go-Packs (also on sale for $1.00). Guess what? It worked! So, I happily walked out of Kroger with 2 free Pure Protein bars and 3 free Nabisco Go-Packs. I am not dissing Wal-Mart, but I wanted to share my story and tell you all to try Kroger, if Wal-Mart gives you a hard time for the Nabisco coupon.

    • Melanie says

      My Walmart did not gave me any issues with this coupon. I hate that some managers make their own rules. It does not matter what the picture shows, the writing is important.

  19. Krystal says


    I went to the Mart on the 8th for all those awesome coupon freebies in the 7th inserts and EVERYTHING that was free or gave an overage was GONE! I have gone to two different Walmarts and those items (like 9 different things) are still out.. I must have some extreme couponers in my area.. how do you tackle this? When/how often do they restock, what do I do?
    thank you for your awesome website by the way!


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