Tide: Free with new $1 off coupon.

Most Tide coupons have a size restriction, it looks like the $1 off in the P&G today does not have one. There is a limit of 4 though. You can pick up some of the Tide trial size for free + overage. Thanks TLC.

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  1. Pamela Marks says

    Thank you so love your posts, you help me save my family even more and find some deals I might have missed. Hugs did you notice the 1.50/2 Johnsons first aid this week? That means you get the first aid kits 2/48 or .24 a piece. Still stocking these up to give away to my daughters class for graduation.

  2. LeeAnn says

    I am curious to know if the register will beep or if this will be accepted. At my Walmart cashiers wont take it if register beeps:( If anyone tries this please let me know. Thanks!

    • Crystal says

      The register beeped each time I used the Tide with the Trial size. My cashier kept looking at the coupon, the product, then the coupon again. Finally, she said that the product was cheaper than the coupon, so she adjusted the coupon price to the actual product cost. So I didn’t get any overage. Oh well, I think it was like 3 cents.

  3. Anna says

    I tried to use the coupons today and the register beeped so they wouldn’t accept the coupons. The clerk and manager that were assisting me didn’t have a problem with the picture not matching but the manager stated that since the register beeped, the barcode doesn’t match therefore it can’t be used on the trial size….oh well, I tried.

  4. Kendall says

    Mine beeped today, too, but she pushed it through. At my store, they always beep if the purchase price is less than the coupon amount. It asks them if it is a valid coupon amount, they enter yes and it goes through. Otherwise, they enter it for “$1.00 off vendor coupon” which is what happened today.

  5. Ellen says

    Beeped on me, too. Cashier was trying to tell me it needed to match the picture, but I responded that it didn’t state any sort of size on there so he pushed it through. =]

  6. Kim says

    My Walmart in Cleveland Texas will not accept this Tide coupon for the travel size. The register beeps when I try to use the coupon. The CSM says they have to go by the picture and the picture shows a bottle size. Walmart does not train their cashiers very well. I shouldn’t say this but if I pick a young smart looking cashier I have less issues when checking out.

  7. Brandy Rainey says

    There was a coupon that came out a few weeks back for $2.00 off Gain or Tide and I don’t see a size restriction.

  8. Jean says

    I also tried to use these coupons today and they would not let them go through. It wasnt beacuse of the price or picture, it just wouldnt go through. I tried at 2 different walmarts cause the first one I went was very ugly about the whole thing. I used the degree coupons at the first walmart I went to and it just beeped because of the overage and she didnt even know what do to with them! I agree they need to train the workers in the policy. I called the manager and told him if I know the policy your employer should to. Maybe each register should have one posted so they can read it! Keep me from having to explain it to them!

  9. anita says

    my tide coupon beeped also. It said see print journal. The journal stated the coupon does not match the item sold. :(

  10. Nanette says

    My Wal-mart (Idaho) would not accept either, same thing the register printed out a ticket that says does not match

  11. Tonya says

    I went to Wal-Mart today and I used 4 tide and 4 cascade coupons in my 1st transaction. I tried to look for one of the young guys that I usually go to but there were none. So I looked for the sweetest girl. First she rang up the cascade coupons and they all went through, then she came to the tide coupons and the first one went through but the next one beeped and the register tape said itdid not go with the coupon. I stood my ground and I told her it did; she called for a manager. I told the manager that the 1st tide coupon went through; she, of course looked at the coupon trying to find a reason to explain the situation. Her reason was it did not match the picture! This was my 1st time hearing this besides on blogs; I was shocked! So I said no it does not, it’s whatever the writing says and I asked her why the 1st one went through. She had no idea. So she told the cashier to go ahead and do it and she could blame her if she gets in trouble. She also said that she was going to look into this.
    In my 2nd transaction I had 3 cascade and 3 tide. This time she rang the tide 1st and they all went through and the 2nd cascade did not so she just keyed it in.
    I am not sure why this happened, does anyone have any idea, or did this happen to anyone?

  12. Kristina says

    I had a HUGE problem with this coupon today… I’m use to the huffs and puffs from the cashiers when they see i have coupons but this one was a doozy and my boyfriend actually asked me if i was kidding about what happened… First the cashier told me i could not use it becuase the coupon didn’t match the picture then he told me i could not use it because the coupon was for more than the item. When i tried to explain to him that they allow overage he actually told me i was rude when i showed him their coupon policy i had in my bag. He then called the CSM over who told me they have never allowed overage. In the end and thirty minutes later they had to call the store manager over. The cashier explained to the store manager that i was trying to comit coupon fraud… The store manager smiled at me, told the “crowd” that had gathered around that i was right and actually escorted the cashier away from his register and had someone else take care of me… What a mess but it helped that i stood my ground and had a copy of the policy with me.

  13. cat says

    My coupons didn’t work… she told me that the coupon just wasn’t matching up with the product and it wouldn’t go through

  14. Thomas says

    If you look at the bar code on the travel size packet you will notice that it’s different than the one on the Q. The bar code on the Q is 37000, I’m not sure what the bar code is on the packet but this is why it will not scan. Sometimes you’ll get a cool cashier and run it through anyways.

  15. Thomas says

    If you look at the bar code on the travel size packet you will notice that it’s different than the one on the Q. The bar code on the Q is 37000, I’m not sure what the bar code is on the packet but this is why it will not scan. Sometimes you’ll get a cool cashier and run it through anyways.

  16. ramona says

    Did you find the tide in the travel size section? I didnt look there, I dont know why I didnt. LOL! I only looked by the detergents.

    • Amber R. says

      Judging by the pic I would say the travel section, but I’m going into Walmart now and I’ll find out.

  17. john says

    had 21 of these q’s and today in i go to my usual walmart. Grabbed my 21 tide’s and got to the register the coupon beeped of course and the cashier called over the manager. Manager told me i could not use it and she said because its travel size, i told her the coupon says any size and pulled out the coupon policy that states the overage policy. She still said no and wouldn’t let me do it bc they “got in trouble last week for it”. So i went to the other walmart where it went through without a problem. Went back to the first walmart to use the Dial q’s and the cashier saw that it was more than the product and low and behold here comes the same manager. i said “hey its me again, i just used those tide coupons at the plainfield pike walmart without a problem. I also spoke with the district manager who was there and he said its perfectly fine to use these and the tide coupons i had earlier, you can call him to confirm it if you want, and as soon as i said that she said “oh ok no problem go ahead and put it through”. (yes the District Mgr. was really there bc they are renovating, BUT i didn’t really talk to him) so she let me use my q’s. Lets hope this isn’t going to be an ongoing issue.

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