Oscar Mayer P3 Protein Packs UNDER a $1

Oscar Mayer P3 Packs Walmart

These Oscar Mayer Protein packs are an awesome little energy boost that are great for kids on the go. If you have kids that play sports you know how expensive and unhealthy the snack bar food can be. Perfect for long days at the fields!

p3 coupon

Oscar Mayer P3 Protein Packs: $1.68
Total: $.68

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  1. Have you ever eaten a big pile of meat or cheese and then felt energized to do anything? These snacks contain little to no healthy carbohydrates. The only healthy carbohydrates are in the nuts, but the nuts are loaded with unnecessary salt. The processed cheese and meat will only make a person feel sluggish and sick. Where are the vegetables? The fruits? Those are the kinds of foods kids need to jump start their day or play in sports.

    If you want to make a healthy snack for your kids, pack them some lean chicken breast you cooked yourself, celery, apple and some unsalted nuts. It’s not only more affordable than processed protein snacks, it’s much healthier.

  2. I love these things! i have a lap band so my stomach can only hold 1/2 cup of food and I need at least 60g of protein a day so this is perfect for my lunches (and sometimes dinners). The best thing is that it is a whole lot cheaper than Lean Cuisines or healthy choice meals

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