October 24th Jingit Videos to Watch!


I think that Jingit had some technical issues yesterday and things were not reset for some of you. I would try again as they look to have fixed it today.

I created my own account last night instead of using Paul’s and since yesterday morning this is how I have done:

As of Wednesday morning I am at:

I have been researching all night, I am not even kidding, I am not having trouble watching videos daily and I know that some of you are. Soooooo, try the following things to do:

#1 Thing if you are having problems viewing videos, is CLEAR your CACHE!

      • Do you have Adobe installed?
      • Turn off pop-up blockers
      • If you can, use Google Chrome as your browser
      • You have viewed the ads less than 24 hours ago.
      • You need to clear your cache on your computer.

Jingit Ads for October 24:

Signing up with Jingit is easy, just click on any link on this post and sign Up with your Facebook Account. We got our Jingit cash card in the mail quickly with the cash that we had earned on it and were able to use that $27 to pay part of our grocery bill.

This is our debit card from Jingit that we can reload with the money we made from them. We use it at Kroger or Walmart to pay down our grocery bill!

They are going to ask for your SS#, you can give it or try 000-00-000 and you should be able to get the debit card!

There have been a lot of questions on the debit card…. It will cost you $3. Only use it as a debit card to get your groceries with and you will have NO fees. If you use it as a ATM card there will be fees.

If you don’t want the card. The other option you have is to buy music at Jingit.com with the money you earn. I would rather have the card!

You can do this from your desktop computer OR your mobil phone! I used the check in from the Jingit Mobile app (that you will want to download on your smart phone) and found the check in points around my Walmart Store. I did all of this by watching videos and answering a few questions. It was really easy and really rewarding, not just the money, I was absolutely blown away that they donated meals just for me watching the videos. We all know how the schools push the box tops program, this is a simple way to earn some extra ones.

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  1. Tina says

    When applying the the Jingit card, it does require a valid social security number. Entering 000-00-0000 does not work. I actually signed up on the site a few weeks ago and never went back to watch videos. I have done so today thanks to your post, and my Jingit card is on its way. Thank you

  2. April says

    I’m frustrated with this. Most ads won’t reset for me, even after all day. I made a special trip to walmart to do the mobile check in and it told me I had to unlock it first but I don’t know how to do that. Why keep hounding me to go to walmart and get even more money, as they say, if I’m not allowed? Can anyone clear this up? I love the idea, it seems fun and I want to follow through!

    • Paul says

      I think they are working out a few issues. I am not sure what the unlock thing is. I don’t remember that at all.

      • Tina says

        I tried the check ins today and it told me there were none available in my location. I watched the ads earlier in the day from my desktop and iphone and it told me of locations, but I was unable to check-in. Hopefully they will get the issues fixed.

  3. Rose says

    Went to WM to check in. I must have scanned every available fun size snickers bag but none of them were the right size. Really? It doesn’t specify an exact size so we are supposed to guess? I’m not going to run around all over the store and waste my time.

    • Paul says

      Hey Rose, I had a problem with that too! I found that it has to be the one in the Halloween display boxes. I hope that helps for next trip.

      • Rose says

        Paul, Thanks for the tip! I have $2.70 in my account so far, so that .50 will help put me over the $3.00 which I need to pay for the debit card.

  4. Robin says

    I do not know how to fix my jingit. It keeps telling me on my app and on the computer that there is “nothing available at this time”. Been that way for a few days. My friend said to come to this link but I’m not sure why. I have no clue how to get it to work now. I only hVe 2.75 on my account.

    • Paul says

      Robin hang in there and keep checking back here. I am posting daily and scouring the web to find the answers to problems. Have you cleared your cache? You can only watch videos on your desk top and not mobil.

  5. Brandi says

    I can’t even sign up! It lets me click on the sign up button and then a window pops up, but never actually loads. I’ve tried turning off the pop up blockers, clearing my cache, and I’m using Google Chrome. I have no idea why it won’t load for me!

    • Paul says

      they are out of inventory on some campaigns, I am not sure why you can’t sign up though. I had lot of people sign up yesterday at our live event. I will see what I can find out. Thanks, Paul

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