Kroger: End of Doubles and Triples

Coupons Changing Big in Houston:

My lovely wife was on FOX today talking about the changes to Krogers coupon policy.

If you are not in the Houston area and think this has nothing to do with you, if you have a Kroger and they double or triple it does. This will spread nationwide before you know it.

While I do most, pretty much 99% of my shopping at Walmart, my wife is a loyal Kroger shopper and I am feeling her pain.

Let’s just keep pushing forward at Walmart, thank them for the new coupon policy and continue to educate the cashiers and managers and push for even more changes!

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  1. I am new to couponing, and I was excited to try out the overage at Wal-Mart. I was very disappointed because they didni’t have any of the products I was going to use to get my overage. Sadly I think everyone has the same idea because everything was gone. I understand that people want to stock up it just seems a little out of control when you are clearing a whole shelf. Anyway, so I guess I will try again :) I’m not giving up!!

  2. I love that video, I’m glad she was on there talking about how basically, she’ll just take her business to Walmart! Still though, I’m curious to see what Kroger is “planning” to roll out because it sounds as though they are going to try something new?

  3. This is really disappointing, I am a weekly kroger shopper! I guess I will be be doing my grocery shopping at Meijer( they double up to $.50) and Walmart. Thanks for the heads up!!

  4. After watching the video & hearing that Krogers is going to try something “NEW” my thoughts are this, it’ll be just like when Coke tried to change their formula it didn’t work, backfired in a big way for them & they lost a ton of money & went back to the old way. Krogers WILL find out when they start to lose business. I have a Krogers in area & shop there for only sale items because I think they a VERY overpriced to other grocery stores. If mine starts to stop doubling I’ll stop shopping there because my local Meijers (I shop every wk there also) does double up to .50. Just my 2 cents worth!!! :)

  5. These changes might be understandable if Kroger was hurting, but read this article from Fox Business news on March 3, 2011:

    NEW YORK — Kroger Inc. said its fourth-quarter profit rose 9% to $278.8 million, or 44 cents a share, from $255.4 million, or 39 cents a share, in the year-ago period. Kroger said its adjusted net income in the latest quarter totaled 46 cents a share. Sales rose to $19.93 billion, from $18.55 billion. Wall Street analysts expected earnings of 44 cents a share, on revenue of $19.38 billion, according to a survey by FactSet Research. Kroger said it plans to buy back $1 billion in stock. Kroger expects 2011 earnings of $1.80 to $1.92 a share, compared to the Wall Street target of $1.92 a share.
    Copyright © 2011 MarketWatch, Inc.

    Yeah, it looks like our couponing is really hurting them!

  6. Thanks for posting this! I didn’t see this on Fox and I’m in the Houston area. I wonder if they will advertise this more here locally. I only go to Kroger when I can save a ton with coupons and their sales (like this past week with their March madness savings). Now I will NEVER will go there!!! I’ll just price match at Walmart.

  7. I’m in North Texas and Albertson’s quietly ended their double and triple policy and although nothing is posted at my local Kroger I’m sure this is the case at every Kroger. It looks like I’ll be going to Wal-Mart more than once a month now.

    • I’m in Northern Indiana & the Kroger here still doubles (they have never tripled that I kno of) & there has been nothing said about ending the doubles here. Our local Meijers doubles (where I shop also) & I think it would hurt Krogers business a lot if they stopped doubling. I kno I wouldn’t shop there again, could not afford to since they are one of the highest priced grocery stores (other than our Martins) in town.

  8. Gator Pam says:

    Do any of your local stores in the Houston area allow “stacking” of manufacturer and store coupons? Do they take competitor coupons? Here in Florida, Publix does so and between “stacking” of manufacturer and either store or competitor coupons (especially Target’s printable coupons) on individual items, plus certain dollars off carts over a stated amount coupons, my totals run 70% to 95% off on a consistent basis. And here in Florida, Publix does not double.

    Besides doubling, I do wish Walmart would take actual competitor coupons for dollars off, instead of basically price matching a coupon with a stated price, and allow stacking. Then they would be competitive. But even though the retail price of most items at Publix is far higher than Walmart, with the various coupons my totals tend to be far less at Publix than at any other retailer, Walmart included.

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