I Need Your Help Please- I want to win this contest!

I Heart The Marters, please help this desperate fool win this contest ! There is a site called CheapSally.com that is running a contest for Bloggers to win a part time job with them. It will in no way affect what I do here in any negative way. In fact, it would allow me to do work on Iheartthemart.com full time and ditch the other full time gig. CheapSally is a really cool site that helps you find discounts on everything not Walmart.

I will promise not to spam you with incessant pleas for help if you promise to go vote for me every day!:-) Voting begins at 12:00 am 9/1/2011. That’s right it already started, why haven’t you voted yet? VOTE FOR ME HERE. Thanks!!!

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    I VOTED!!!!

  2. Definitely voting as often as I can. You do a great job with your site =) Good luck!

  3. I voted – where’s my sucker :) JK – your daughter is precious!!

  4. Catalina Guerra says:

    I voted. Hope u win!!!!

  5. I voted for you. Good luck :D

  6. Tell us daily on facebook so I can remember I want you to win !

  7. Layla McMahon says:

    I liked your page through MyCouponExpert. I don’t go to walmart often because they almost always hassle me when I try to price match, but when I do I check your site first. I voted for you thanks for everything you do!

  8. I voted..not because you asked me to..but because you’re the best :)

  9. Voted!

  10. I voted! Good Luck

  11. I voted for you because of Andy! j/k, you and your wife are my main source of coupon deals, love your sites!

  12. I voted! Please remind us.

  13. Voted! Your family is completely endearing and I follow both I Heart the Mart and My Litter on facebook. Thanks for all you do!

  14. Voting for Cheap Pauly

  15. I voted! I LOVE your blog and check it several times during the day. Good luck!

  16. Heather B says:

    I just voted…good luck! I just started this coupon craze and found your site…and then your wifes blog. Thanks for all of the help! I am so excited to be saving my family money :)
    BTW, I just moved from the Houston area to KY and miss Texas SO BADLY.
    Hook Em Horns ;)

  17. Voted for you Paul. Good luck!

  18. Remind me daily please! You deserve it!

  19. good luck paul!!!

  20. I voted good luck to you

  21. I just voted for YOU!! Don’t worry you’re gonna win because we will keep voting for you!!!

  22. Voted so you can go and find us even more deals on a full time basis….NOW that would be awesome….best of luck!

  23. Just voted Paul. Good Luck!

  24. You got my vote, Like so many others I save so much money because of you and your wife. Thanks for all your hard work it is very appreciated.

  25. I love your blog, I love your honesty, and love your hard work putting this together!!

    +1 Vote! Thank you for voting, keep it up.

  26. Voted! And just so you know, so far, you are 1st place in-state AND overall!!! Let’s keep it up people!!!

  27. I voted! Please remind us so we can vote everyday! We all want you to win. GOOD LUCK!!! :)

  28. just voted and will continue to vote everyday.goodluck & GOD bless.

  29. I voted, Good Luck!

  30. Amber Liva says:

    Paul, I just want 2 say that I don’t think both u or Tiffany could help anymore than u already do, but u have my vote!!!!!! If at all possible, could u remind me everyday until the contest is up 2 vote 4 u n I promise, I will!!!!!

  31. Love the video!! I voted.

  32. Good Luck!

  33. Voted for ya Paul… WOW didn’t know you have 7 kids… Where in the world do you and your wife find the time to do the blogs? LOL I check your page several times a day because your awesome and your in the Houston area…. Just found your wife’s page glad i did… Ya’ll Rock! GIG EM AGGIES and GO TEXANS!

  34. Voted for you! Good luck!!

  35. I voted! Love IHTM! The baby is precious!

  36. Voted!!!

  37. I voted and please remind us daily to vote….we WANT you to win !!!!!!!!

  38. I voted for ya! Could you please return the blogger love and vote for me and my dog in our contest? http://smile.greenies.com/smile-gallery/vote.aspx?id=837 Thanks!!!

  39. I voted! I love your site and your wife’s site.

  40. Carrie Wait says:

    I voted for you, Paul, and love your site. Thank you for all you do.

    I am also in the contest in a different state, so during round 1 (where the top 5 from each state go on to the next round) if anyone would like to help a mommy without a blog following, I’d really appreciate it!!! :) My votes will be small beans compared to those who have regular followers but I always tell my kids to give it everything they’ve got, so I’m taking a shot! THANK YOU!


  41. Voted for you. Good luck!

  42. Voted! :) Andie is too darn cute!!!!!

  43. I just voted for you!! You and Tiffany do a wonderful job and I am crossing my fingers for you!

  44. Voted! Good Luck!

  45. I voted for you Paul! Keep it up!!

  46. I voted for you and I wanted to say “Go Beach!” Long Beach State is cheering you on!

  47. I voted 4 u….please remind us to vote daily. Thanks for all your hard work u put into your blog…

  48. Kellie Spiker says:

    I voted for you! Hope you win! Your daughter is to die for! : )

  49. I voted and made all my family vote too. I’m gonna post your link on my FB wall and get my bff’s to vote for you as well. Good luck Paul

  50. I voted for you Paul! :) In CA, you’re 1st place!

  51. I voted for you, thanks to you and your wife for helping my family save money!!

  52. sassy.snowwhite says:

    You do a awesome job of the deals, good luck i just voted & linked to my facebook. thanks for all that u do!

  53. Voted , Good Luck!

  54. I voted for you, and I’ll vote tomorrow and the next day and the next day…
    Good luck to you Paul, you deserve it!!!

  55. I voted so that you can work full time on your blog! This is the ONLY site that I come to for Walmart deals because it’s the best. I have a blog also and work full time so I know that it’s very challenging but we press on because we love what we do. Good Luck :)

  56. I voted….and good luck…….can we vote only once? Or is it a daily thing?

  57. I am cracking up. She is suck a Cutie Pie!! The sucker did the job. Her feeding it to you was just adorable!!! I don’t think you could have had a better video, great thinking on your part for adding a baby to the mix. We are falling for her (and you too)!!! I voted and hope you win. Please keep posting it so it stays on top so I will remember to vote each day. I love your site and your wife’s site too!! Thank you both!!!

  58. Hey, Keep reminding us every day. I get so busy I forget things. You deserve good stuff your way!!

  59. Voted for you, hope you win, your daughter is so cute, how could I say no!

  60. I have a soft spot for men who like babies, shop and save me money so you got my vote.

  61. Love your site and I hope you win. Will vote every day:)

  62. Good luck and God Bless! Thanks for all that you do!!!

  63. Whoo hoo Paul ur ranked first!!! Keep it up, you do a great job for us savers!!!! Thanks!!!

  64. I voted for you. Hope you win. Thanks for all you do!! I check your site every day for helpful tips and I want you to know all your hard work is appreciated!!! Your lil one is sooo cute!!!

  65. I voted too GOOD LUCK!

  66. I voted, Paul. :+)

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