HOT Walmart Deal: 2 Lalaloopsy Dolls only $17!! **See Below**

There is some confusion on this deal. I am on the phone with Walmart trying to get it straightened out! Please wait to purchase or cancel if you are expecting both dolls for $17. there is an error in the Walmart system and I submitted a ticket to get it fixed. I can’t guarantee what the outcome will be.  If you want to order it and pay $32 for both which is still  great price, there is a chance they will fix your order but I do not know for sure.
Here is a really hot deal on 2 Lalaloopsy Dolls for $17.00 with $2.97 if you want it before the 24th or you can pick it up in your store for FREE on the 24th. You are going to get 2 Lalaloopsy dolls for only $17!  These two dolls would normally be over $47!
Bundle and save. Get more and spend less when you purchase both of these Lalaloopsy Dolls. Add an optional art set for less than $10!
Comes with:

Optional add-ons:

  • Lalaloopsy Paper Doll Exclusive Fashion Super Set with over 40 Accessories
  • Lalaloopsy Drawing Portfolio with Crayons
  • Lalaloopsy Drawing Portfolio Set

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  1. When I click on this bundle on the site it says all thats included is the Red Riding Hood doll, and then to add the JT Pickles its another $15.

  2. Hi Paul, thanks for posting this deal. I have a question though. When I add the dolls to my cart, it only says the Red Riding Hood and if I want the Pickles doll, she adds $15.00. So, I’m confused. Could you please help me?

  3. Oops that was Pickles BLT….fingers getting ahead of my brain.

  4. Same for me. With both dolls it is saying $32

  5. I am so confused about this also! I put in an order for it and yes it says Red Ridinghood and does not list the Pickles doll… but it says Comes with:
    2 Lalaloopsy Dolls
    Optional Art Set

    2 Lalaloopsy Dolls! It better come with two! lol

  6. bubbleSgirl says:

    I think the deal is 2 dolls for $17. If you were to buy one for $17 and add a second for $15, that’s not right because if you look at the original price, it says it was $47. So lets say it’s true the price is only for one doll, so that means when it was still the original price you are buying one doll for $47, to add a second is $45?

  7. Bubblesgirl that sounds right to me, I called and the guy didn’t seem to have any more knowledge that a rendom wal-mart worker… I ordered this bundle and it told me in my cart… Lalaloopsy bundle but then it only said the name of one doll not both… I feel trouble coming when I go to pick this order up at the store… I wonder if we could print this ad out and go price match it somewhere else… I have never price matched does anyone know if this would work with price match at Target?

  8. bubbleSgirl says:

    I believe Walmart is the only store that has this bundle of Scarlet and Pickles. Toy R Us has two of the doll’s bundles but the dolls are not Scarlet and Pickles. I don’t think they will price match unless it’s the same exact dolls. I suggest printing out the AD before walmart fixed it. Make sure to highlight and circle the ITEM Description where it says it comes with both the dolls. If they wont let me pick up both dolls for the price i paid, I will ask for a refund.

  9. If u keep reading it has a • Item Description
    Comes with: Lalaloopsy Doll, Scarlet Riding Hood Lalaloopsy Doll, Pickles B.L.T… I’m hoping that it has two :)

  10. I ordered it too, will cross my fingers and see. The description says both dolls, and the figures match, if you add them up individually they total 47.94, minus the 17 bundle pack price, its a savings of 30.94, 65 percent as advertised. I tried calling, 44 minute wait uhm no, so emailed them and went ahead and ordered.

  11. bubbleSgirl says:

    Walmart finally changed their Item’s Description today. I was able to print out the ad before they changed it. I also email walmart to verified my order but no responses back yet. My sister got a response back on her email and the Representative that email her back says that she will be getting both dolls. I told her to print out that email message and bring it with her when she picks up her dolls.

  12. I received only 1 doll (Scarlet Riding Hood). I called walmart and had great customer service. They made me go to and purchase the Lalaloopys Pickle Blt doll with expedited shipping (7.95) so it would get here in time for xmas. They then ask for the order number and gave me a FULL refund for the pickles blt doll with shipping and tax 34.61!! Awesome…so I got the 2 dolls for $17

    • That is awesome!

    • How long did it take to get through to CS? I’m thinking about just calling and see where I get. I emailed them b/c I had a screenshot of the page description (that they have since changed). Hopefully, I’ll get my PBLT too for the $17!

      • bubbleSgirl says:

        It took be about 4 to 5 minutes wait.

      • cindy herrera says:

        hi ,
        I just went and picked up my order and only recieved 1 doll I called customer service and they tell me they don’t see the were i got the idea that it was a bundel deal can you e-mail me a copy of your add so i cant try to get me this issue solved.

  13. bubbleSgirl says:

    Updates: My sister and I both received an email today saying to pick up our dolls. I just got off work so I haven’t pick up my doll yet but my sister called me saying that she only received one doll even though the lady who email her back says that they sent out two dolls for her. Well, I got on the phone and called Walmart. I talked to a lady rep. and she told me that they will have the billing department call me back. The only solution she can think of is that they will either send me the second doll or give me a gift card. I will update when I get the call.

  14. After several emails with customer service, I was told that it had to be added to the cart and that it is just a one doll bundle.

  15. This was kind of a nightmare, but worth it. I called and they told me I was out of luck as of now it says one doll. I had printed the item description and they told me I was welcome to argue it at the store. My store was wonderful. The assistant manager spent half an hour on the phone until they agreed to send me an e-gift card to purchase Pickles in the store. I got very lucky my store was willing to listen to me.

  16. bubbleSgirl says:

    Well, billing department never called me back. I went to the store today and talk to the associates but they wouldn’t give me the second doll so I got a refund. Good luck to the rest of you guys who are still trying to work things out with your order. I think if you get someone who is willing to help you out on your order then good for you, but if not then i suggest to get a refund. $17 bucks for one doll isn’t a bad deal.

  17. I also only recieved one doll. I called and they said it is a 1 doll bundle. Each doll is $17. They let me add a B.L.T doll for $17 and free rush delivery in time for christmas. Still cheaper than anywhere else I have seen.

  18. Does anyone have a screen shot of the page description that they can email me please!?!

  19. I ordered this bundle, under the impression that it would be two dolls however the email confirmation only stated the red riding hood one and I received only one doll. I will be calling Walmart for the second doll or credit. Anyone else contact them and get a positive response?

  20. I have the same issue and keep getting told this was never offered. Can someone please email me the screenshot of the original ad?
    Thank you!

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