**HOT** Gillette Gift Pack Deal!

A HUGE thanks to Laura R. for telling us she found the Gillette Gift Packs for $4.44 at her store 50% off, then she used the $4 P&G coupon to get them for $.44!!

That $4 coupon JUST CAME IN THE PAPER TODAY! So you can still go grab a paper if you want the coupon! $4/1 Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor, exp. 1-31-11 (P&G 12/26/10)

Can you believe paying $.44 for ALL THAT!?

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  1. thecouponvirgin says

    I went to five different Walmarts and could not find either this or the AXE gift sets, and whats unusually weird is there was even a price tag for this item where all the other sets where located.

    Does wal-mart put some of there items out in stages?

    Could there be more inventory tomorrow?

    Am I shit out of luck

    • Paul says

      I am unfortunately, guessing you are out of luck… They have been out all December so I doubt that they will put anymore out. My wife and I ran to the one closest to us and only found 1 of the Gillettes BEHIND some of the other gift packs. Thats o.k. you dont want any Women throwing themselves at whoever you are buying the AXE for anyway :)

  2. Michelle K says

    Went last night and I could find only one Gillette GP. It was placed randomly on the top shelf above the womens’ shaving products across from the mens’. Was unable to locate any of the AXE. I was happy with finding the one. Going to another store today to see what I can scout out. Also the Olay GP’s were marked down to $7.50. By the way I have been following your blog for a few weeks and I love it. Nice to see a coupon dad at work.

  3. michelle says

    Has anyone found any Gillette Gift Sets, I found the Olay gift sets this morning at the Wal-Mart on 2920 they still had about 10-15 of them.

  4. Antoinette says

    I got told i couldnt use the coupon yesterday. I also had the Old Spice $2 off gift set coupon, so she stated i could get that gift set but not the razor because it didnt say “gift set” on the coupon, and i was getting a whole set and not just the razor itself. I told her, that the razor is in there, why not??? So she made 2 calls on her little phone, talked to the person on the other end like i was a thief trying to scam Walmart, and she declinded my coupon. So i just told her fine, remove it & give me my coupon back. Little did she pay attention that i also did the Olay gift set, AND used the coupon for the lotion thats in the box…so?!?!?? I really wanted to point that out to her, but didnt wanna risk losing that deal too!!! I got so frustrated because this was my second trip to a walmart looking for these razors hauling around 3 kids, but i had a line half a mile long behind me and didnt want to burn any more holes in my back from the people behind me I’m half tempted in trying to do self checkout today.

      • Antoinette says

        I’m new to this blog, so idk where everyone here is from, but i went to the Walmart in Kemah, Tx. They had maybe an average of 10 of them yesterday at noon. Minus the 2 i was gonna get that got left at the register in Garden Center.

  5. Stef B says

    I went to the WalMart at Spring Cypress and 249 this morning – they did not have ANY of these left. And I picked up the last 2 Herbal Essence Gift Packs. They were clearanced down to $5, and I used the B1G1 to get both for $5, which includes the free subscription to Allure magazine!

  6. Bobbi Jean says

    I was able to locate only 1 of them at my local walmart…again, oddly placed. Looks like someone may have picked it up and put it down somewhere else. I scoured the store looking for more of them. No luck. A different walmart I visited on Sunday had tons of them, but I had a bit of a brain fart and didn’t think of scanning them to see if they were on 50% off nor to use my coupons. Ugh!

  7. Bobby says

    I live in Atlanta, Ga. The day after Christmas I found a WalMart with 27 of these gift sets. I had 76 of the coupons. No problem rite? Ha! The woman, who has about 70 years old by the way, took my stack of 27 coupons away after I was ringed up, and walked away with them. She came back about 10 minutes later, with a customer service manager and said she couldn’t use the coupon because it didn’t match the picture and description. Now I’m no idiot. I have been using coupons for more than a year now. Just because the item on the coupon and the item you are purchasing don’t look the same, does not mean that the coupon won’t work!! In my particular situation the lady at the registar was wrong because the $4 coupon does work. She was just being in my girlfriend’s words “a total bitch”. It’s funny to because I came back the next morning and they only had 1 left. I of coarse got it, and not much to my surprise it cost .44. The funny thing is the college age guy at the registar said that he was told by his manager not to let customers use a $4 off coupon because it would make it free. Huh?? Interesting because to me .74 total isn’t free. Especially when it is a manufacteur’s coupon. Well needless to say I emailed the corporation about it to see if it was a company policy for cashier’s to decide who gets to use a coupon and who doesn’t. Boy you are going to love the response. I full apology with the regional manager’s contact info. And he lives in my area. I think Walmart District and Regional Manger’s would have a different opinion about their stores if they knew what kind of people worked at them. My advice? Go to WalGreen’s! They have 50% off Gillette sets which makes them 4.99. Use the $4 coupon to make it .99. Buy 10 and you get $4 back for next time. I have bought 45 doing this. Yeah it’s a few dollars more, but at least I know they will have it. And the cashier’s want to make a sell, not act like your a thief!


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