Giveaway! Win 90 Inserts + a $10 Credit!


Because it is Friday… I am giving away 90 Inserts and a $10 credit!!!! To enter the giveaway, leave a comment about what you are doing this weekend, Register for Insert Insanity here and Register for Wiz Clipz here.

  • In order to win, you need to be registered on the sites. It is a quick and easy regsitration. There is no spam or email associated with this process.
  • Giveaway ends Saturday at 6pm – So you will get your inserts on Wednesday! 


If you are not feeling lucky, or want more inserts… I don’t often talk about buying inserts or promote it. But there is a really good special right now, and I know EXACTLY where the inserts came from, and that they are from a legitimate source.

Right now, you can purchase the Big Daddy Stockpile Pack for $49.99 which includes your shipping, 90 inserts and a $10 credit for clipped coupons. This pack will have the RED HOT 4/27 inserts coming out this weekend!

* If you are not sure if you need this many inserts, you can always split the pack with a friend!

Specifically this pack will include:

  •  3/30:  10 SS
  • 4/6     10 SS and 10 RP
  • 4/13   10 SS 1  10 SS 2 and 10 RP
  • 4/27 10 SS 10 RP 10 PG

That’s a total of 90 coupon inserts that are absolutely LOADED with coupons!  I am sure these won’t last long.

:: This is what to do ::

  1. Go HERE and register so that your account can be credited the $10 (top right corner in red, you will see “register”)
  2. Go HERE and order the Big Daddy Stockpile Pack
  3. Check out and get 90 inserts shipped free. PLUS a $10 credit to order clipped coupons!

This is a great way to get caught up on your coupons if you got behind during Easter.

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  1. Michelle Watkins says:

    We are catching up on some homeschool. I am also working on a carry cover for my coupon book.

  2. Ashley Owen says:

    Friends and family will be going to a street fair tomorrow (Saturday) and im seriously thinking about taking up this awesome offer on Groupon for an overnight stay at a bed and breakfast…just to get away for the night. :)

  3. We are going to farmers market tomorrow, and Church on Sunday. Looks like severe weather in our area Sunday

  4. Hannah Burt says:

    While everyone is enjoying this beautiful South GA weather, I’ll be stuck in a BBQ resturant admiring peoples posts about the beach, grilling out, or laying by the pool. However, while they’re doing that, I’ll be making money to enjoy my time off in June! The pros to everything, I’m just very thankful that I have a job that pays well in our crazy world today!

  5. Jennifer Williams says:

    I just signed up at both sites! This weekend we are getting ready to see my husband off for yet another round of military training (he leaves Sunday) and Sunday night I have a hot date with my new coupon binder to try and get things more organized. Thank you for giving this relative newbie a chance at some bulk inserts!

  6. Will be at work all weekend answering emergency calls. But my real weekend is during the week and I will be running down special deals for my son’s birthday!

  7. I am taking my niece out to celebrate!

  8. Sonya Allstun says:

    I am spending this weekend helping my brother move my mom she is 73 and needs to be closer to family.

  9. brandi dickerson says:

    I am sewing like crazy for a deadline this weekend. I clicked and registered on both but it took me to the same page with just a different name at the top.

  10. yardwork, yardwork, our county was cleaning out the ditches and we asked for the dirt. it is 99.9% clean so we are building raised garden beds and filling in holes here.

  11. Cycling!!!

  12. Leah Coats says:

    I will be clipping coupons and doing a little shopping. Also, we be selling raffle tickets for Special Olympics.

  13. I’ll be heading to my daughters soccer games, and hopefully enjoying some delicious pulled pork smoked by my hubby :)

  14. Kristina says:

    I’m taking my son out to his favorite pizza place since he made good grades on his progress report, and of course crossing my fingers that I win : )

  15. We are going to try to finally get some spring cleaning done and perhaps some gardening if rain lets up!

    Thanks for the chance!!

  16. I am spending time with my newphew. Titi Time (Aunt time), were I get one on one time with him, go out to eat watch movie just quality time. I hope you guys have a great weekend!! :)

  17. clean up the yard and spend time with my family.and watch movies with my family.

  18. If the weather cooperates I’ll be working on my container garden. Sunday will be spent hanging out with my family.

  19. Put up an in-ground basketball hoop.

  20. I’m probably going to spend a lot of time outside with my boys since the weather is so nice, then maybe go out to a makeup party this evening. And obviously cutting coupons on Sunday night while watching Game of Thrones.

  21. Taking my son to a birthday party

  22. I am going to see two litters of Australian Shepherd puppies and hopefully find the perfect one to join my family!

    I lost my 14 yr old and 12 year old Aussies to cancer last year and for the first time in my life I have been dogless.

    So this is going to be a very, very HAPPY weakend for my family.

  23. Chloe Marchant says:

    This weekend I am starting my Saturday doing laundry then some grocery shopping. This evening I have my sisters First Communion followed by a family dinner. Sunday is not much of a weekend for me unfortunately because Sunday begins my work week!

    On a side note, I’d like to thank you for maintaining this site. It really is a helpful resource and a site I make sure to checkout everyday for neat deals! Also MAHALO NUI LOA (Thank you very much) for a chance to win in this giveaway! Good luck everyone :D

  24. lol who won?

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