Free Tide Drama and Why THIS TIME ONLY I am Saying “The Coupon Scans So Use It”


There is a brewing controversy over the $2.00 off Tide Coupon that came out in the 6/1 P&G. There are three things I am going to address. I am sure that some of you will disagree or get mad and I might even hurt your feelings. Others will applaud and cheer.

After you read this I would love to hear your thoughts. It is okay to disagree with me, just know in advance that you are wrong.

LOL I just have to get this off my chest.

History– Tide puts out a lot of coupons and back in 2011 there was a big uproar because of the Tide Trial Size packets. I spoke with Tide Corporate and they were very clear that they DO NOT MAKE the trial size packets and this is the only trial/travel size they have.

Tide introduced this size so a while back so I again called Tide and they told me that yes they do make this size and that it CAN NOT be considered trial/travel (which are universally the same thing) because it is over 4 oz and therefore can’t be a travel size. In addition they told me that coupons could be used on the 10 oz size.

Walmart Scanners: Do you remember that Walmart has taken extraordinary steps to make sure that coupons do not scan for the wrong products? Hell, half the time they don’t scan for the right products…. I bought these on Saturday and they can perfect. I am also pretty sire that trial or travel sized items are marked as such on the receipt, I will verify this next time.

In no way or form do I condone or advocate coupon fraud, I don’t think this is a case of that. P&G has flip flopped and contradicted themselves and the scan codes work. P&G goes to great length to make sure that all coupons are coded properly, I am sure NOW they will change next time.

I will address the reimbursement issue right now, WALMART WILL get reimbursed. Coupons are not tied to transaction or traced that way. They are collected and sorted then sent to a clearing house in huge quantities, no receipts attached.

Coupon Police– I understand that on Tide’s Facebook page they have indicated that this is a trial size. My first question is WHO ARE THE MORONS THAT KEEPS ALERTING THE BILLION DOLLAR CORPORATIONS OF GOOD COUPON DEALS?!?! You are essentially saying “Hey Tide, did you know that you put a coupon out that makes an AWESOME deal!! Are you sure you meant to do it, can you go triple check cause I don’t think the MILLIONS of dollars you are paying your marketing company are enough to figure this out…….. and ummm do you any cat food companies you could send me some coupons for because I have 6 cats and no friends and nothing better to do than send Facebook questions to some jack wagon Intern for Tide that is monitoring their Facebook Page.”

“We don’t need no stinking badges!”

Now that I have addressed that here is the deal I scored! I thought I was going to be scoring Tide for $.24 each, but to my surprise they rang up at $1.97 and were totally free!

Walmart Deal
Tide Detergent: $1.97
$2/1 Tide Detergent, exp. 6/30/14 (P&G 6/1/14)
Total: FREE

Target Deal
Tide Detergent: $1.99
$2/1 Tide Detergent, exp. 6/30/14 (P&G 6/1/14)
Total: FREE


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  1. Daybreak says

    I totally agree, As far as this being a trial size, there is no one that is going to try a product 5 times before they know they like it and will use it again. As far as this being a travel size, there is no one that is going to wash 5 loads of clothing while they are traveling. That is the amount I wash in a week at my home. I did purchase 4 of these from Target yesterday and the coupon did scan.

    • Jennifer says

      I’m in total agreement about the coupon…however, I would have to disagree that no one washes 5 loads while on vacation. As a family of 9, we just got back from a vacation in the smokies where we did as many as two loads a day! (there was a washer and dryer in our room) The laundry is never ending for our bunch, even on vacation! 😉

      • Paul Ivanovsky says

        we are a family of 9 also!! I agree that it is perfect for car travel, but because it can’t be taken on an airplane.

  2. says

    I COMPLETELY agree with you on the issue. Walmart is also getting ridiculous regarding the coupons, and walgreens is getting just as bad. Who in their right mind does not want to save, if the manufacturer issued it or misprinted it. Not our problem. Since Walmart started there match price policy, their is still people who are embarrassed or feel it is beneath them to save a penny, nickle, or dollar. I always say if you don’t want to save it, give it to me. I take it.

  3. Pat says

    I agree with you, love it. I am surprised they even put out a $2 coupon, most of their coupons are chintzy, to say the least. They give you .25 off a $8 product most of the time. I’ll buy another product before I will use such a small coupon!

    • Natasha M says

      I totally agree with you! P&G has some of the cheapest coupons for the most expensive products!

  4. Shannon says

    Tide DOES in fact make a travel/trial size. I found them in target yesterday. They are single load packets with “travel size” printed right on the packet. I also purchased these small bottles using that coupon as it does not say travel or trial size and I found the packets that do.

    • Andrea K. says

      There are travel/trial packets, yes. But as Paul states, P&G isn’t responsible for these packets.

  5. r.p. says

    lol, that is like the cascade i buy at dollar tree. i emailed the company about the 4 packs and asked if they were considered trial size. they emailed me back and said the didn’t make trial size. my dollar tree manager agreed saying since it didn’t say trial size on the package they would accept them.

    • r.p. says

      well, i went to target today and found these 5 load bottles for $1.99 this week (normally $2.99). i took one to the customer service desk and after two manager and a csm rep had their discussion, they said it was NOT trial/travel size and let me use the coupons. so if you can’t find them at your walmart try target. remember they only allow 4 like coupons per transaction.

  6. Andrea K. says

    Bravo! Well said , and thanks for setting the record straight. Now, I sure hope my WM carries this size . . .

  7. Natasha M says

    Another great deal ruined by people that have nothing better to do with their time. Can I still get them at Wal-mart or are they saying it’s a travel size? I am donating them since my son is allergic to Tide.

  8. gail washington says

    I found 13 bottles ,still looking for 17 more. Two actually rang up for 75 cents. A pleasant surprise. Thanks for the post about the deal.

  9. mae says

    thats great to know because i was wanting to do this deal,but had seen on other coupon sites that
    people were saying that its wrong because its a trial size.

  10. Cindy Polson says

    My Walmart in Jasper, TX does not have the small size. I remember seeing them in the past, but no more. I will try Target or Walmart in Beaumont before I give up. Thanks for the post!

  11. sofia says

    since they are more than the price will it beep at self-checkout? did anyone try? i hate going to the cashiers.

  12. Julie says

    I read your post to my husband thinking it was hilarious, he was amazed that anyone would have to explain to a zillion dollar company what not to put out as a coupon with the size of product/price point they produce and agrees wholeheartedly that some people need to find another hobby, I suggest cats :)

  13. tee says

    Thanks! I hope I can find a few. I think it stinks that manufacturer and stores make it so difficult. If they don’t put a huge “trial size” on the product and coupon then I think it should be allowed otherwise it’s like false advertising. It got me so mad when they said they would not allow the coupon for the packets that were actual trial size because they didn’t make them. Well it had their darn name on them!!!! How is the consumer suppose to know the difference? That is deceptive in a way. It is up to the cashier and then some shoppers are able to get great deals and others crappy ones. That makes me upset because I am usually the one who’s cashier won’t allow something.Thanks for your help!

  14. Mary Moreno says

    Thank you so much.I hate all this be and forh stuff daying. I email corp.GOD BE HAPPY PPL ITS FREE.AND IT ISNT TRAIL SIZE.AGAIN THANK U FOR UR INPUT.

  15. Ly says

    This is frustrating!!! I called Tide couple months ago and was told that 10oz is a Trial size because Walmart did not take my coupons. Then after reading all these coupons bloggers that promote this deal. I went to Target 2 days ago and got refused again by a cashier and a manager. Called Tide again 2 days ago and was told 10oz is a Trial size. I use the phone numbers from this site What to do???

  16. Ly says

    U’ve been promoting this deal the wrong way???

    Since you contacted Tided, did you use these numbers? 1-800-879-8433

    I was told that 10oz is a trial size back in March, 2 days ago, again today. I wanted to have different customer representatives to see what each had to say.

    The answer was all the same. I am also a couponer and love to save. Tide is my favorite laundry detergent, and I have 20 coupons right now. I cannot use them. :(


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