Christmas Clearance 75% off Today at Walmart!?!? 1/3/13 Yes, really!


Today should really, really be the day for all the stores to go 75% off on Christmas stuff! My manager was a little early but I am okay with that.

Let me know what you find!

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    • Kellie says

      actually WENT to the store tonight just to double checked. I price checked about 5 items and No, they are still 50% for sure.

  1. Erin says

    Guys I would go and check because the workers had no clue that the Xmas was 75% off they kept telling me it was 50% I had to go check my own pricing.. 7.5 ft trees were going for $24.50 and the 6ft for $5.. Glade candles or spray are not on the Xmas clearance at least in my Walmart

      • bkny63 says

        Yes. I did. It wasn’t marked down. I just called and they said they are marked down to 75%. Looks like I’ll be leaving early from work today. Thank you.

  2. Rikki says

    My store still had 50% off signs still up but upon price checking, we were at 75% off…6.5′ pre-lit trees for $9.75..awesome deal!!

  3. ali says

    Woohoo! Thanks. Went out and spent $150.20 for a lot of neat things including party favors for my daughter’s party, and a light timer for next year.

  4. A.R says

    it would be great if you all could also mention the location of the Walmart you are talking about. It would be helpful for all of us..

  5. Susie Q says

    Lawton, OK as of 01/03/2013 is now 75% off. Because I HEART THE MART gave me a heads up, I had my coupons in hand. This morning I purchased 28 boxes of the gallon size Ziploc bags (20 in a box and freezer box has 15 in a box) for just $.25 a box. THANKS!

  6. Andrea says

    Finally!! I scored a tree and several other great deals for 100.00!!! I been going every day for the last week and finally today it’s 75% I got the Better Homes and Garden prelit tree for 35.00.

  7. Shari says

    My Walmart was 75% today! Got lots of party favors, lip glosses, hair brushes, etc. I also got green Solo plates. Valentines day treats for the kids that don’t look like Christmas such as the Lindt chocolate bears with a red bow around it’s neck. Thank you for the head’s up, people were buying stuff like crazy!

  8. Katy says

    I went into my local Walmart here in Maine at lunch time and there were employees everywhere with pricing scanners and big colored signs. They were actively marking everything down to 75% as I was picking stuff up. Lots of great deals, even got dog toys, candy, and Glade “seasonal” spray for prices far under $1 each! Thanks for the heads up on the sale!!

  9. Tami says

    Northern MI walmart was 75% off today. Found lots of goodies…colgate One direction TP and TB kits for $1.48 each (these come with a powered tB and one full size TP) I also found colgate dora TB kits for $1.48… I found Dana men’s cologne for $1.25 each and used the $2 IP making them a MM. Next I found Glade air freshner spray in nutcracker for .75 each and used the 2/2 IP NLA and it made those a MM as well. I was happy overall :)

  10. Fern says

    So. FL Walmart went 75% today. Lots of great stuff that I will use for valentines and easter gifts for the grandkids. The best find of all was an Anchor Hocking glass cake plate and punch bowl set for…drum roll please…$2.22! I suggest you look around store especially pet dept. and in paper goods. Red Solo cups 30ct. and saran wrap w/gold design on it was $.60.(the wrap is red inside not clear)

  11. Tina says

    We got a ton of stuff today.

    Lots of gift bags, boxes, tags. I got a Merry Christmas lighted sign for $6. A lighted tinsel santa for $4. Garland, 2 outdoor timers, 8 boxes of candle lamps.. just oodles of stuff for $75. I’m a happy camper. :)

  12. Annie Schafer says

    I went today and was able to restock my Christmas craft supplies today. Found a bunch of the .97 dog toys for .10 gave one to the dog that plays with toys and the other dog took it away from him. Hair brushes, coin purse, lip gloss and other things for .25. Had a ball today in there.

  13. kelly says

    Yeah. Still tons to choose from in NE CT. The Hefty holiday styrofoam plates were $.60. The Hefty coupon expired on 12/31 so I didn’t get any this trip. I did pick up an awesome 7.5 ft pre-lit Christmas tree for $34.50. I also found the glass cake stand/punch bowl set for $2.22. I bought all 3…sorry. Lots of good buys still left.


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