Big Lots: Price Match Toy Story Operation!

This week in the Big Lots ad they are offering a few different games for $5 each, already 75% off! If you price match this at Walmart you can use a coupon on top of the already big savings! Thanks Lorrie and Renee!

Toy Story Operation Game $5 (price matched to Big Lots)
$4/1 Hasbro Games 9/11/2011 SS Insert (exp 10/9/2011)
OR the $4 printable from (now gone)
Total: $1!

** It will be at the managers discretion whether or not they price match Big Lots.

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  1. robert says

    I was under the impression that Big Lots was a discount store and the WalMart policy states that they do not price match discount or closeout stores. Have you heard anything about that?

    • Paul says

      It will be up to the manager if they price match them or not. That is correct they are a discount store and so they are not “required” to price match them.

      • Houstonmama says

        Robert, I had no problem price matching Big Lots at my Walmart, even when the CSM was called because of my low low balance after price matching and coupons :)

  2. Christel says

    I price matched this last night at my Walmart for the ToyStory Operation and the Cars Operation. Got both for $2 plus tax!!

  3. Kristina says

    I did this (Big Lots Ad on ANY HASBRO game up to a $19.99 value per our ad) at Target. I gave them the ad and it was the best transaction I have had – very friendly customer service. They kindly directed me to the customer service area and it went absolutely the best. I purchased 10 games and paid 10.18. These will be donated to our annual Christmas basket program where we give out over 150 baskets worth over $200.00. Each name we get that has kids gets 2 toys/gifts plus an outfit.

    • Christine Cornelius says

      I didn’t know that Target priced matched also, good to know. This would be a great deal for our local Toys for Tots run we do.

  4. Amber R. says

    I’ll be tryin this out tomorrow at my Walmart in Durango CO. Hopefully it works, these will be christmas presents for my childrens many cousins! 😉

  5. Amber R. says

    Also my Walmart has Candyland regularly priced at $5 so with the $3 off hasbro candyland coupon its only $2 pretty good deal if you ask me!

  6. Houstonmama says

    I price matched Battleship and Operation at both Walmart and Target today (found a few games at each store). Price matching and coupons went beautifully at both stores; the cashiers literally had their mouths hanging open at my final price!

  7. Kim says

    I tried to price match at the Walmart where I live today, but the CSM said they “are not really supposed to comp Big Lots ads because they buy their products at wholesale store closeouts”. He said he would let me have it for the $5 “this time”, but I couldn’t use the coupon (and he commented on it being a manufacturers coupon), because “that will make it $1!” I was thinking “EXACTLY”, anyway, I had them put the games back. The girl said I could talk to the store manager and see what they say. I was very disappointed because my little girl has been asking for this game. There have been a few complaints about the attitude of some cashiers at our store, I personally had cashier who refused to scan a coupon on another item to see if it would work. Finally after the CSM on that day read it over and over again, they scanned it, and what do you know it worked! I am new to couponing and am very eager to do well, but it is disheartening when the store employees act badly. Thank goodness for the great cashiers!

    • Laura says

      I think some Walmarts make up their own rules when it comes to pricematching and using coupons! It is a real gray area that they seriously need to fix!!!

      • says

        I use to have a horrible time at my Walmart. They even accused me of having a fraudulent coupon policy! I emailed corporate about my expericence, one of the managers called back that within 24 hours. He was so apologetic saying he would address what happened, he also asked the next time I came in to introduce myself. I did do this I have had a few coupon problems since however he has always been there to fix. A few weeks after my complaint I do know he even had a mandatory meeting to address their coupon policy with the front end.

      • Kenni says

        I absolutely agree, Laura. We have two Walmarts in town and neither one seems to agree with the other. PM? Coupons? “No we don’t do that” or “You need the ad in hand. I just can’t take your word for it.” I end up driving 40 minutes to another town just to get great service and no hassles. Funny thing is I bought the same Operation game 2 months ago as a gift on clearance for $5. I am completely befuddled by all the attitude.

  8. Karen says

    I just had the WORST experience ever in my life. I went to Walmart (to get my sick son some things so I thought I would catch in on this deal) and grabbed 6 of the overly stocked (there was plenty stocked on the shelves) OPERATION games (3 of the cars and 3 of the same as the picture of Big Lots) knowing this would be a great way to help pay back what the Boggy Creak Cancer Ass. other cancer children this Christmas, for what they did for my son last Christmas – this is what my friend did at another Walmart (only she got 4) and had no issues, so I thought I would get the same thing. Well only later when trying to check out I was told it had to be the same as the picture in the Big Lots… so I switched the 3 cars out for the other 3 saying no problem it will be going to the the Cancer kids on Christmas anyway, the register locked up so the head cashier came over telling me that I couldn’t use the coupon on top of the price match! I said yes you can it is in your policy … and surprisingly she said, “Well I don’t know the coupon Policy”. I had to laugh and said well I can go outside and get it. Then she say’s well you can’t use it anyway because it has to match the picture of the coupon (the regular Operation game) I was OMG seriously are you kidding me? No you don’t. So then the manager was called in and then she proceeded to tell me that I couldn’t use the coupon anyway because in the coupon it says …. not to be used with any other offer. And that it had to match the picture of the coupon and that I couldn’t use a coupon on top of a price match … pretty much making this other head cashier snicker and the manager going HAH! while pointing at my coupon. And then say’s I will sell them to you for $5! Why should I have to pay $5 when everyone else only has to pay $1. So I put the games back on checkout and just paid for my smaller items I got for my son, as he has the flu. 3am and this whole shingdag was not worth it. Why was it okay for my friend at 3pm but not me at 3am? I just don’t get it. It seems like no one else had much of a problem over this. If I had known this would have happened I would have never tried to buy them and just gotten what I initially went there for. This completely ruined my experience with Walmart and not wanting to go back and shop there.

    • Kenni says

      Don’t worry I had the same problem today. The cashier looked at the ad for a couple of minutes, then without saying anything to me walked away. A few minutes later she came back with another employee who made a scene about the ad being from Big Lots and how they don’t honor ads from wholesale stores. I said I had priced match before without a problem. He grabbed the games and walked away. I said very loudly that was fine and I would call corporate – no problem. Corporate agreed the policy states ANY store within 50 miles and even verified there was a Big Lots down the street. I am supposed to receive a call from the store manager tomorrow. Then to top it off I bought two boxes of crest toothpaste at $2.98 with $1/1 Q. As I was walking out I noticed they had rang up for $3.33!? So I hauled them to customer service, told the girls very nicely how frustrating it is that nothing ever seems to be priced right or even priced at all and returned both boxes. In Michigan we have laws against that since there was a bunch of price fraud going on.

      This whole shopping experience has become such a nightmare! You try to do everything right and then it is luck of the draw when checking out. And each store seems to make up its own policy as you go along.

  9. Karen says

    Kenni I think Florida has the same policy as you on returns because of fraud … at least I think around xmas time. Or it could just be the local stores around me … but I haven’t had to return anything in ages so I am not sure. I am also waiting on the manager to call me back … I had told them also I was going to be calling Corporate and I wrote down all their names … I had failed to mention that the register locked up after it said my total was $8.10 and I tried to pay it but it wouldn’t let the cashier ring it up, that’s when all the above started … and also that they tried to tell me that I couldn’t use the price match because the print out I had didn’t mention Big Lot’s and I told them I brought that in as a courtesy to make things smoother as the policy states that I don’t need to have the ad to do a price match. It was evident that there is major confusion or knowledge of the coupon policy … I have written Hasbro also on their FB wall to see how the coupon should be used … on any Operation game or just the one pictured and I also asked them to interpret – Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Curious to see what they have to say – still awaiting their reply.

  10. cyn says

    I know this is old news, But Walmart does not have to Price match Big Lots if they chose not to,because of the type of store it is,it doesnt matter if it across the street from your walmart! Also the item does have to be a exact match for what the add shows or it must state an exact item. Like people were getting the Battle ship game well the one in the add is for the travel Battleship and so thats totally wrong…. And it will be soon that if you want to price match you will need the add. I know it can be a PIA sometimes but what kills me is when people get mad when they cant get a deal that they really are not supposed to get. And this is one of those deals. Big Lots is a close out store there fore they are not to be matched with!!


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