Best Walmart Deals: Price Matching

I have compiled a list of the best deals to Price Match at your Walmart. I tried to hit all the major stores I could think of. If I have left any out feel free to let me know. I may not do anything about it, but by all means let me know!:-)

I would love to hear about which deals are your favorites and if you found any deals that I missed.

I am really excited about this feature, I plan on making this a weekly deal if you guys like it. So, if you do want it to continue(its a lot of work) let me feel the love! BTW This is only the grocery stores, I am working on the drug stores now!

I put this in a printable list so you could print it for a trip, it is not intended as proof for Ad matching. You will still need to use your paper for that. Yes I know it is not required, I just do it anyway!

I was not able to get to all of your Walmarts, so I had to use mine for pricing.


ALBERTSONS (8/9-9/04)
HEB (8/10-8/16)
KROGER (8/9-8/14)
PUBLIX (8/11-8/16)

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  1. Shannon says

    My question is will Walmart price match to a store that is not in my local area? For example, I don’t have an Albertson’s here. Will they still match to that store’s price?

  2. says

    Hi Paul! Another Wal-Mart fanatic here in south central PA!! I am working on PMs for stores like Giant Food Stores, Weis Markets and Food Lion in our area, so feel free to head over in a little bit and snag them if you want. I would LOVE to post this up on my site, but we don’t have ANY of those awesome stores in our area!

  3. Tatha Riley says

    Sometimes they do…they price matched from a Target circular for me and we don’t have one anywhere close (nearest one is almost 2 hours away). Never hurts to ask your local Wal-Mart.

      • Cassandra says

        I also had this issue the other day. I price matched the Dawn from the Drug Mart ad (.88 cents) and had a .50 coupon to go with it. The cashier told me that I couldn’t price match AND use a coupon on the same item- I told her (nicely) that that was not stated in their coupon policy or their price match guarantee. She let me use them “just this once,” but I don’t see how that could be an actual policy, it makes no sense whatsoever. I did email corporate, but they have yet to respond. Sounds to me like it’s one of those little rules one cashier makes up and then becomes the “policy” for all. I think we need to get this straightened out once and for all!

        • Paul says

          just gently remind them that coupons do not cost the store anything. They get reimbursed the whole coupon amount plus a handling fee.

      • says

        I had a similar issue with one of my local Wal-Marts and called corporate. From what I was told, an email went out to ALL stores reminding them that the Price Matching and Coupon Policies are TWO DIFFERENT POLICIES! Call corporate, they should resolve this for you. Also, carry a copy of both policies and ask them to SHOW you where it says you can only do one or the other. They can’t…

        • Paul says

          That is true I posted a copy of it a while back. It also covered how to PM store bogo sales and use MFG bogo coupons.

  4. says

    hi in michigan we also have a save-a-lot and from july 31- aug 20th they have sales on the following
    kraft american singles 12oz – 1.88
    kelloggs pop tarts 14-14.7 oz 3/5 or 1.67 each assorted varieties
    betty crocker fruit snacks 4.5-5.4 oz assorted varieties 1.88 each
    hope this helps someone in my area

  5. Laura says

    I pricematched the Expo markers that were $ .99 this week at Walgreens. I Bought 8 markers and after my pricematch and four of the $2/2 Expo markers coupon, I only paid $ .40 for all eight 2-packs of Expo markers.

  6. Brandi says

    Hi Paul,
    I was looking on the albertson’s weekly ad that started today and I don’t see the blue bell or general mills cereal sale in the add. Can you help:)

      • Brandi says

        Aww..:( That’s too bad for me….was really excited to see those deals:)
        Thank you so much for all that you do on your website! You have literally changed my life and way of shopping:)

  7. Emily says

    What about the airwick freshmatic starter kits?? they are priced at $4.97 here (AR) I PM to my local dollar general bc they were only $4…with the $4 off a starter kit I received a while back this was free! :) hope this helps!

  8. Simon McDaniel says

    A couple of days ago I price matched the Oscar Meyer hot dogs on the front page of the Save A Lot flier. They were 1.98 at Wal Mart and Save A Lot had them for .99 I also used a $1/2 coupon from the SS insert 6/19 (not sure on the date).

  9. linnea gleason says

    Dont you have to know the store that you are matching with i thought you have to bring in the store ad to match the price

    • Paul says

      Linnea, the deals are listed by stores. These are stores from all over the country pick the ones that you can use and see if you want to do any of those deals.

  10. Katie says

    Will Wal-Mart price match a Walgreens price before or after the register rewards? Ex. Walgreens ad says Sale price $2.99, less $2.00 RR, $0.99 final price. Will they match the $2.99 or $0.99?

  11. Amber R. says

    I am so glad you included Albertsons! Theres only two other grocery stores in my area City Market (Kroger), and Albertsons so this helps alot. I hope this is a permanent new feature to your site, if not its ok I know you work hard on all these deals as it is. Thank you for all you and Tiffany do!

  12. says

    I’ve been using the Aldi’s in my town to save some money on produce. Aldi’s doesn’t have a huge selection, but what they do have is a great deal and price matching really helps since you rarely see coupons for produce.
    Grapes are 99 cents/ lb
    Bananas are 44 cents/ lb
    Baby carrots 69 cents/ bag
    Thanks for all you do, Paul! Your hard work is appreciated!
    BTW — has any of your readers ever won one of the survey gift cards?

  13. Angela says

    I was wondering about this Winn Dixie Make a Meal deal. Can I price compare this at Wal-Mart? Buy two Freschetta Pizzas (2/$13.98) and get all 4 of these free: TGI Friday’s Mozzarella Sticks, Totino’s pizza rolls (15ct), 2 liter Sun Drop or Crush, and Pepperidge Farm 3 layer cake. I know that they do BOGO with price stated, but this is buy two get four free and that is confusing me. I know that all the sizes will have to match to the ad if this will work. Thanks!!!!!

    • admin says

      They are not supposed to Ad Match that. Here is the part of te Ad Match Policy that explains it:

      We DO NOT match the price in the following types of competitor ads:

      Items that require a separate purchase to get the ad price
      example: “Buy [item A] to get [item B] for $C”

      Items with no actual price that require a purchase to get free product
      example: “Buy both [items A & B] to get [item C] for free”

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