$2.00 Tide Coupon = $1.03 Money Maker at Walmart

The new October 30th P&G (says November 2011 on the front)  has a $2.00 off any Tide Detergent. This gives $1.03 overage at Walmart on the Single Tide Pack. This is also going to make for a good deal on Tide if you don’t want to use it on the Trial Size. This is an AWESOME COUPON!

Buy Single Load Tide $1.03
Use $2/1 Tide coupon from 10/30/11 P&G
Total: FREE + $1.03 overage!

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  1. sally nasser says

    I was just telling my husband, that you can’t tell me that the manufacture’s are mad at consumers for using coupons for the trial/travel sized items or else, ever since the first time that someone used a $1.00 tide coupon that did not specify size, they would have started specifying that you could only use it on bigger sized items. The reason why i think that they are offering this coupon is because they have probably seen a drop in sales, because they had been releasing those coupons that say buy 2 detergents for $1.00 off. Im glad that they notice, and want to give consumers a great coupon!

  2. sally nasser says

    Forgot to tell you (Paul and Tiffany), I follow you guys everyday (on your sites)no im not a stalker,lol! You guys give me great deals to allow me to provide for my family. Thanks for all that you do!

  3. Liz says

    Do u know where I can find a Dail lotion coupon? Also do u know any coupons that have overage? ..any answers are very appropriated : )

  4. Liz says

    Do u know any Dial coupons that I can find? Also besides this coupon do u know any other coupons that have overage? Any answers are very “appreciated” : )

  5. Janeluvscoupons says

    Seems like some Walmarts might have reset their registers….I went to 3 Walmarts in my area and they all would not let me get the travel size tide on any of my tide coupons because the register would not accept them. :-(

    • says

      Yes, happened to me too. The register beeps and a receipt prints out that tells the cashier it is an invalid coupon. They will not override when it does that.

  6. Bella says

    These coupons are going to beep, invalid item and going to be a total PIA to use at Walmart.
    The small liquid Tide’s barcode does not match the barcode on the coupon.
    Your using the coupon right but its just going to a PIA :(

  7. Jaime says

    Hello, i love you blog! i love walmart also .. but i live in NYc.. so i either have to go to NJ out out deep to get a walmart =( Walmart gives overages? Do they just take it off the back end of what you bought in the transaction or do they give you a gift card?

    • Sam says

      You can chose to apply the overage to the rest of your purchase or receive the cash back.

      For example, if you bought one one item that was 99cents and used a coupon for a 1.50 off they could either pay you .52 (cash) or you can purchase another item and it will deduct .52 cents from the cost of that item.

  8. Mel says

    At the Walmarts in my area, Mesquite, Texas, they check the price of the coupon then go back and check the price of the item, then call for a super and then I am told I can’t use the coupon because it is for more than the price of the item. Half the time they tell me I can’t use coupons printed from the internet! And if I buy two items alike that I have coupons for, I am told I can only use one coupon even though I have two items. They say the coupon is one per purchase, so I can’t use two. And I say but I’m buying two!!!

    • Jessica.M says

      then tell them that you are buying two and that it is “one coupon per purchase”,which means “one per iteam purchased” not one coupon per transaction. then explan that if the coupon said one per transaction that they would be right. This has never happen to me but I’v been with my mother and they have told her the same thing . I try not to be rude but I let them know real quick that they need to learn the WALMART coupon policy.

    • Michelle says

      I would print out the coupon policy and politely show them or call walmart headquarters and tell them. I did that once and haven’t had a problem since. I don’t want to get people in trouble but if they are not following their own printed policy that isn’t right either.

    • Dgeorge says

      I have found that HEB, Krogers, Target and Walmart all have cracking down on the use of coupons. They are now looking at the product price and if the coupon value is higher, they will not except the coupon AT ALL. My wife had this happen twice in one day at two stores. I believe the extreme coupon show will stop all these good deals. All good things must come to an end. :(

  9. Jennifer says

    Paul, can you give me your opinion please. I was just at Walmart yesterday and picked up 2 of these travel sized Tides and I gave the cashier my $.50/1 coupon, and I would be paying $.47 OOP for each one. They wouldn’t scan so she told me I couldn’t use them. I explained to her that there is no size restriction on the coupon so it is valid on the travel size. She said the picture shows big bottles of Tide, so that’s what I have to get. Finally she called a CSM over and she told me the exact same thing. After us going back an forth for a few minutes, she finally told the cashier to do it, but she said she was going to call the manufacturer because she thought it was completely wrong what I was trying to do. She kept telling me that “It just isn’t right.” I was so embarrassed, they were acting like I was robbing them! What do you do in this situation Paul? I can just imagine going through the same thing once this coupon comes out.

    • Paul says

      I don’t why they would call the manufacturer. I’m not exactly sure who they think is going to buy this size product. If all the coupon companies stop producing the coupons the stores will not ever be able to get rid of the product. It sounds like they think the coupon money comes out of their pocket

      • Wendy says

        In some cases it does. If you go to a store that doubles or triples then anything other than face value of the coupon comes out of the store. Also internet coupons are being photocopied and used several times over and over. The manufacturer will only pay for 1 coupon per serial #. This fraud cost my store alone $ 100.00-$500.00 a week ( depending on the sales ad that week) Because of that cashiers are being written up and fired for not balancing. ( coupons are considered cash). Because I “extreme coupon I can spot fakes or questionable transactions pretty easily but not all cashiers can. Please remind your readers that photocopying coupons or not using coupons for the item intended is fraud. It is the same a photocopying a$1.00 and trying to use it. Drastic policy changes are concurring everywhere and it will be the honest people that pay for it. I LOVE your site and appreciate all you and Tiff do. Thanks for letting me rant.

  10. Jennifer says

    Yes, that is exactly how they act! I figure if the manufacturer doesn’t want us to use their coupons on travel sized items, they will put the restrictions on the coupon. But whenever a cashier doesn’t want you to use a coupon, they try to claim they have to go by the picture. We need these manufacturers to give us some kind of statement that we can print and carry with us that says they go by the wording on the coupon, not the picture. I have no idea why the CSM was going to call the manufacturer. I think she was just saying anything she could think of to make me feel like a criminal and embarrass me with all the other customers around. And I wasn’t even getting them for free with those coupons!

    • Sarah says

      Don’t bother trying it at Target. I have tried it before with the $1.00 off and they have really cracked down on the travel size stuff. The cashier was adjusting the coupon and the manager came by and started yelling at her for taking it. They flat out refused and said it was not the manufacturer’s intent for me to use it on the travel size items. I said “How do you know what the manufacturer’s intent is, they do not specifiy on the coupon!” It just turned into a big mess so I told the cashier to forget it.

  11. yuri says

    I was sorting out my coupons and found
    two coupons for tide…..this is exactly what it says so can i use them for the travel size and get overrage?

    (2)coupon #1 $1.00 off two tide detergents, downy, tide stain release or bounce

    (2)coupon #2 $2 off three tide detergents, downy, tide stain release or bounce
    \they all expire 10.31.11…let me know if yall can help!

    thanks paul for all you do :)

  12. Jami Lea says

    Hey, I was just thinking. If people really wanted to save money with Tide, use the $2 off 1 Tide detergent on the travel size for $.97, then grab two more Tide detergents travel size and apply (2) $.50/1 and you will still be making money! $.09 back and now you don’t have to pay OOP for any of the detergents. 😀

  13. traci says

    I am new to the whole couponing thing….walmart gives you the overage coupons then. I have been looking for stores in my area that do the overages and havent had any success. I am in the pittsburgh pennsylvania area if anyone can help…..thanks for any help i can get!!!!!

  14. Natacha says

    The coupon is not suppose to be used on the travel size because that product is not a proctor and gamble coupon because Tide has allowed a different company to sale the travel size.

    • Paul says

      Tide is a Proctor & Gamble Product. P&G allowing someone else to package a product does not mean it is not their brand or that they don’t own it. I personally will not use it on this product because it is a great value coupon.

  15. Natacha says

    I am really serious. I did the research and that is why people have problems with the coupon having the beeping sound. Don’t believe me but I am telling you that the coupon is not suppose to be pushed through at the registers.

  16. mom3 says

    Natacha, I don’t understand… Tide is a PG product. If the travel size says Tide and the coupon has no size restriction… where is the discrepancy? This seems way too difficult. After reading all this I don’t even want to try to use my coupon because too many cashiers seem only out to embarass or harass the customers. If that’s the case, I’ll just blow it off which I’m sure is what they want?

  17. Susan Jacobs says

    My last visit to Walmart would not take a coupon for $1/2 Limited Edition Hot Pockets and kept spitting out a paper saying the wrong item…they kept making me pull items out to verify that the coupon went with them. Then the manager told me from now on I had to put each coupon with the item it was for so they could make sure the coupon went with that item. I hate Walmart now. I never try to cheat them and I am very careful to get what the coupon says on it. I will just have to shop somewhere else :(

      • Lori in Missouri says

        My Wal-Mart in NW Missouri takes the Tide coupons for the single serve pouches. I don’t mind having the CSM looking over my cashier’s shoulder, just means no mistakes will be made. I think it’s a great idea to put each coupon with each item, just be careful not to put your coupons on the belt itself because they could go under the metal bar at the end and then you’ll have a mess. Thanks for all your hard work Paul!!!

  18. Peg says

    Some stores managers will override the coupon but the the store will not get their money back. I know this for a fact…

    • Paul says

      Peg, really?? I would like to know how you know this for a “fact” why would you even say something like that without some back up information. This is a no drama site so I will give you a little more leash for a factual explanation. I normally wouldn’t make a statement like that but it looks like you are trolling for a fight and I am not interested. I do not promote doing anything improper here and I am basing my post on information put out by Tide. They state it is up to the manager’s discretion. If you can show me something other than the info I received today, I will post it.

  19. Michelle says

    I agree with you paul,she has no right saying that the store wont get their money back, what it comes down to is, It says $2.00 off tide detergent,There is NO size restriction period on the coupon,The 97cent Tide detergent is a TIDE product,I went to two different walmarts they where sold out I finally found a walmart that had them and like many others the register wouldnt accept the coupons,I explained to them that there wasnt a size restriction (No trial or travel sizes)and Im buying tide detergent,the supervisor on duty advised me to come back and talk to the manager.

  20. Tasha Williams says

    Peg is right you can go to Tide’s facebook page and they state that they are to be used on P&G products the single use is not a P&G product and it is up to the store to accept it or not.

  21. Lori says

    Yes, Peg is right. The TRIAL size is put out by a co. called Cottons. It is not a P&G product! The store can decide if the will accept it or not, for the TRIAL size, but if they do they WILL NOT be reimbursed by P&G for it! The store would then be at a loss on the transaction!

  22. CB says

    The barcode on the Travel size/1 load package is 0-83725-84900-0.

    The barcode on the coupon is 5-37000-13182-8 & 37000-083217

    37000 identifies P&G. 13182 & 083217 identify products.

    The travel size is not a P&G product. It is unfortunate that P&G, Tide and Cotton Buds have this confusion going on.

    The coupon is NOT supposed to be used on the product when the codes don’t match. Proctor & Gamble has no obligation to pay the stores that accept the coupon for the travel sized product.

    Because this is a P&G or Tide marketing error – I’m sure the stores will get paid up to a point. Now that this error is public knowledge, I’m thinking that point has been reached.


  23. Jesa says

    I took a trip to Walmart today and picked up 10 travel size tide and used $2/1 coupon. it beeped but the cashier had no problem overriding the price. I made sure to pick the cashier wisely as some are very strict but luckily this one scanned all 50 coupons in one transaction, some specifically stating excludes travels size items, I’m glad he felt so generous today!

    • Oz says

      This sort of thing ruins couponing for everyone It gets policies tightened, gets cashiers in trouble with their supervisors (which means they become more reluctant to help couponers), and makes manufacturers less likely to produce coupons in the first place. Boo.

  24. Margo says

    I’ve tried using the $2/1 for trial size at a couple walmarts and targets. It seems to largely depend on the cashier as to whether or not they accept the coupons, but so far walmart has been more cooperative with it. Their coupon policy is a better than Target’s when it comes to overage. I paid a service for these Q’s so I feel l like I need to use them, but what a PIA! I printed off the coupon policies of Target, Walmart, and P&G as well as an email from a P&G rep stating that the store should go by the wording of the coupon, not the picture.

    • Tiffany says

      I have had so much trouble using the $2 off Tide coupon for travel packs at my Walmart. The managers are saying that they do not work for travel size. Is there any way you can post a copy of the email so others can use it to prevent the managers from making up coupon policies? Thanks

  25. Ali says

    I just left Walmart and I was told NO again when using this coupon on the trial size. Thank GOD CVS has Tide on sale next week for $5.94 and they are offering the $10 Gift cards with a $30 purchase.


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