$1.76 Walmart Money Maker on Almay Deodorant with $4.00 off Any Almay Cosmetic Coupon

Check out this HUGE Walmart Money Maker on Almay Deodorant you can score with this $4.00 off any Almay Cosmetic coupon. We have seen quite a few Almay coupons recently and I have been resisting the temptation, but I just can’t fight it anymore. This is especially true because I found out that according to the FDA Deodorant IS a cosmetic item. That means BAM! Make your own sale and score a great deal.

The only bummer is that not all Walmart stores will carry this. I have seen it at most so Happy Hunting!

Note: I recommend that you ALWAYS use your overage to pay for other items in the cart. I only got the cash to show a DRAMATIC ending. In fact, it would have been much easier if I had bought other stuff. I wouldn’t have needed a supervisor in the self check out lane and any employee could have finished the transaction. Also some coupons are regional and prices will vary.

Almay Deodorant: $2.24
Almay Save $4.00 off any Almay Cosmetic Product excl. trial (6/2 Smart Source, exp. 6/16)
Total: FREE + $1.76 overage!!

Almay Deodorant

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  1. Gary says

    Our Walmart as others go by what’s pictured on the mfg coupon as well, the Almay coupon only shows “cosmetic” items, no “deodorant” items pictured.

    • Paul Ivanovsky says

      Deodorant is a cosmetic item. anything that is for the skin is considered a cosmetic. I have a link to the FDA in the post.

  2. AJ says

    What happened to the rest of the video?

    Part 2 coming up?

    I’ve been afraid to just use my overages and get money back, if it doesn’t work I would feel embarrassed and also unless you rack up alot of overages is it worth it?

    I’ll do it one of these days.

    • Samantha says

      Dang! I wish I had known this today, was at a “Super” Walmart and I have about 10 of these coupons lol! Definitely will have to plan my next trip soon and try this out.

    • says

      Couponers don’t usually subtract the cost of the newspaper. With over 100 coupons in each newspaper, the cost comes up to almost nil per coupon. Do you go through and count how many coupons are in there, and divide the cost of the paper by that, then subtract that from the savings? Sorry, cost of paper is something I budget in every week, no need to subtract anything.

  3. Manny says

    Thanks for this post. I just went to Walmart and got 11 Almay Deordorants and then also got 5 Hot wheel toys (97 Cent each) and 3 Suave shampoo($1.50 Each)& 3 Sauve conditioners ($1.50) and got back $3.00 in cash for all. That was awesome!! They did say that it was cosmetics only and I explained to them that Deodorant was a cosmetic and they did it all on one ring up even though the coupon says one per transaction. I guess I got lucky on that but I would’ve done 11 different transactions if I had to. Great deal. Thanks!!

  4. Tiffany K says

    Just a heads up: have a copy of the FDA webpage with you!

    Monday, there were only 2 deoderant at my Walmart, so I grabbed them, and the cashier rang it up with no problem.

    Today, I went to use the 2 coupons I had left, and the cashier first didn’t know the coupon policy when it came to coupons valued greater than the product, then argued with me about the definition of “cosmetic”. Luckily I had my iPhone with me and could pull up the FDA webpage to show her that deodorants are cosmetic. She took the issue to her manager, who told her to ring it up, but the cashier said (rather snippy, IMHO) that there’s no picture of deoderant on the coupon, and that the manager on duty may not be so nice next time.

    Just wanted to warn people in case they run into an “over-questioning” cashier.

  5. Susie Q says

    SCORED! Hey thanks to “I HEART THE MART” I got my overage AND used it with the printable $.50 coupons to buy 4 bags of Zulka Pure Cane Sugar and still have more overage to apply to my other groceries. Appreciate everyone’s comments which helped me be prepared.

  6. Charity says

    Thanks for the post! I got the Almay deodorants today and overage paid for my Wet Wipes. Handy!

  7. Kassie says

    I did this deal last night. $2.24 for the deo, but my walmart only had 7 in stock. so I have to go back today or tomorrow to get my other 13. =)

    • Jeremiah says

      Kassie did you have any problems using more than one coupon
      was just wondering cause i have about 20 also

  8. pam says

    I went to my walmart on Saturday and tried to use this coupon on the deodorant and the register kept saying that the coupon didn’t match any item in order so the cashier didn’t want to accept them – after having her get the manager who didn’t really have time to deal with me and just told her to do it then the cashier put them thru but they didn’t go thru without a problem as said in previous posts I don’t know why they didn’t but they didn’t

  9. Michelle Rufener says

    My walmart wouldn’t do it. I tried. They only had 1 in stock so I used my other 19 coupons on the lipstick. 1 coupon went to waste cuz I wouldn’t get back in there to get another makeup.. The cashier even tried to manually over ride it for me.

  10. Mary says

    As a parent of 4 kids, I love couponing as much as the next person. Where I get frustrated and upset with other people who coupon are in situations like this… Yes, the FDA lists deodorant as a cosmetic. However, it also says that anti-perspirants are considered a drug AND a cosmetic. Therefore, this particular item is considered a drug first and foremost and the coupon is not valid because the coupon is for just a cosmetic item and not a combination item. If you have to spend your time researching the web to find out what is or is not considered the right item, then you simply shouldn’t be couponing. Your talents would be better used in a research department in some university or medical facility. When a $4 coupon is used on an item that is less than that, it creates a loss for the stores that accept the coupons. Why? Because they only get reimbursed the value of the item. Guess what happens next… That’s right, prices go up to cover those losses. The only thing people do in cases like this is cause everyone’s prices to increase. Ok, overall, the increase is minuscule, but I value doing things the right way and saving my money properly instead of being underhanded and deceitful to save a few bucks. Stop trying to twist things to get your way. Stop whining about how hateful people are being toward you and see things from their point of view. Imagine being a cashier (at any big chain store). Take a wild guess at how many times they get yelled at or snipped at by customers in an 8 hour day. If EVERYONE just backed off, everyone would be a whole lot happier in the end. Customers and employees.


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