Huge Money Maker On Purina One Beyond Cat Food with $5.15 Coupon!

Purina Cat Food Money Maker

Head over to the Purina Website to print the HUGE $5.15 Coupon good off Purina Pro Plan, One or One Beyond. With you newly emailed coupon you can head to Walmart and Grab a Box of the Purina One Beyond Cat Food for only $2.98! That will make it a $2.17 Money Maker. There is a limit of one coupon per email address. Thanks Lee Anna!

Print Purina $5.15 Coupon

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    • monica says

      I thought so too but it was in my Spam folder. I tried this from several computers and several email accounts until I realized Gmail thinks this is spam.

  1. Amanda says

    I tried to use one of these at Walmart last night (was on a 3.5 lb bag) and went through a HUGE ordeal at the register. The cashiers were all standing around staring at it, and a manager brought back a binder with fraudulent coupons. Had to stand there for a good 15-20 minutes while they “looked” for it in the fraudulent book and read their pages on how to tell if a coupon is fraudulent. Almost wasn’t worth it, but I guess I will try another store and see what happens.

  2. Stephanie says

    Sure does take my email information so they can send you a bunch of junk email, but when you go to print the coupon they send you in email, it says “Sorry, program has ended”.

    Great, now another company I have to unsubscribe to. Sorry, just disappointed because I buy anything I can for our local animal shelters.

    • Beth Ann says

      Just printed for me. 7:53am Monday 12/9. I printed 2 (can only use 1 per visit). Like Amanda pointed out, I’m sure my Walmart will make a huge deal analyzing this coupon, so I will probably use it elsewhere. Thanks Paul!

  3. Jim says

    I just clicked on the “HUGE $5.15 Coupon” hyperlink, gave my name and email address, and was able to print out two copies when I got the coupon in my email. Maybe Purina reset the offer?

  4. RC says

    Thanks a lot for sharing the info regarding this coupon. I was able to print out 2 coz that’s the maximum number that we are allowed to. I was able to buy 2 purina one smartblend and I paid USD 2.66 for both including tax! the original price was USD 6.88 each :-)

  5. Michelle says

    Thank you so much for posting this. I am babysitting my brother-in-laws cat for 6 months and he only eats Purina One Smartblend. Perfect timing. You are awesome.

  6. guest says

    Why are people printing two coupons when in the email it clearly states:

    Good only in U.S.A., A.P.O.’s, F.P.O.’s. Void where taxed, prohibited, and restricted. LIMIT ONE COUPON OFFER PER EMAIL ADDRESS.

  7. Victoria says

    Do not all walmarts carry the 1lb bag? The smallest mine had was the 3lb-unless it was found down a different

    • monica says

      It’s in the pet aisle with the other food, but it’s in a box. My store had it on the very top shelf so I almost didn’t see it! But I guess not all stores carry it so check online to see if yours does and if not you can always have them ship it to your store for free pickup!

  8. dboy techwhiz says

    I used this at Walmart where I found the box sized cat food for $2.98.
    It worked fine and gave me the $5.15 without a hitch. Only problem was that the self checkout register I was using had a problem with the electronic eye in the coupon accepting slot. Usually I would scan my Q’s and then pay, inserting cash in the bill collector, then when I pay enough it then asks for the coupons, I had multiple coupons for other items, but after every coupon I was not prompted to insert my coupon, I put them all in one by one making sure to blow into the slot after to make sure the coupon had cleared the eye, but no dice. The last coupon went in, the machine thought I had not even put at least one in, so it froze. You have the option to push “done” on the screen but i guess it only works with at least one “seen: coupon passing the eye (as if you may had just stacked them all together and put them in the slot), So the CS manager had to retreive my $20 bill and my coupons and reboot the machine, I was checked out my the manager at their station. My Walmart has a policy that if it scans its good, no scan means they dont accept it.

  9. Cindy says

    I have tried to use this at Giant food stores–different locations– and they will not accept any coupons over $5 or bogo from the internet…..great deal if you can use them…


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