How many coupons can you use in one transaction?

There is some confusion that you can only use 40 coupons at a time at Walmart. This is actually not true! You can use as many as you like, here are a few things to know:

*The following are guidelines and limitations:

  • We only accepts coupons for merchandise that we sell.
  • Coupons must be presented at the time of purchase.
  • Only one coupon per item.
  • Item purchased must be identical to the coupon (size, quantity, brand, flavor, color, etc).
  • There is no limit on the number of coupons per transaction.

The system will prompt for supervisor verification for:

  • 40 coupons per transaction.
  • A coupon of $20 or greater on one item
  • $50 or more in coupons in one transaction

You can use as many as you like, they will have to call a supervisor over to basically unlock the register if you have more than 40. You can go HERE to get a copy of this policy if you need it.

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  1. says

    I’ve actually forgot to use my coupons one time and they had no problem with me taking the receipt back and taking the coupons off later. They had to return and then resell the items but the did it without any issues 😉

  2. says

    twice now they have had to call over the supervisor to approve my excessive coupons. they did it without problem and pretty fast too!

  3. Karin says

    I almost always use over 40 coupons, so I let the cashier know ahead of time that I need the supervisor to come over for the approval of my transaction. Supervisors know me, so I have no problem with it every time. :)

  4. Julie says

    Paul, I have no problem with the amount of coupons i use but i have had a issues using target / Walgreen coupon. I have them use them as a price match because that is what i was told by one store and other stores view it as a reg coupon and when i try to use a manufacturer coupon for that item they wont let me because they view it as a manufacturer coupon :(

    so can you shed some light on this for me? Who is correct?

    Thank you for all your help


  5. says

    Julie, my experience with other stores coupons is, they don’t actually scan that coupon but will price match the amount on the coupon. I hope it helps. And I have not had any issues using MQ on top of the coupon price match.

  6. Ashley says

    i had a problem with a rude cashier yesterday. as soon as i got to the check out and handed her my coupons she sorted them and handed me back all my printed coupons and said she couldnt take them (its policy she said) so i pointed out on the sign behind her that she was wrong and she told me, my coupons were copied so i went over to CS and they said they couldn’t say anything to the cashier bc she was a CO or something. so they called over another lady that took off with my coupons to show them to like 5 other people. just to come back and tell me i was right… the CS lady said the cashier wasn’t taking alot of the coupons anymore so they checked me out with a smile….

  7. Chris says

    I’ve used piles of coupons before with no problems. They just call on a CSM to unlock the register if you use over 50 coupons or save over $50 w/coupons. I’ve never had a problem – the only thing I haven’t been allowed to do that it seems others have done is use BOGO to get both items free, but it appears to be the choice of the cashier I suppose… it doesn’t really state it one way or another in their policy….

  8. julie says

    Stephanie, thanks for responding. I went to 2 other walmarts and didn’t have a problem :) sure hope my luck continues.

  9. Ivette says

    I was at Wal-Mart yesterday when I handed a target coupon to the cashier and she refused to take it. The coupon was for $1 off any Old Spice or Gillette Body wash. I handed her the coupon policy just freshly printed that same day and she yelled for the manager to walk over to look it over. Only to be told that if the coupon does not say “Manufacturer” on it and it didn’t scan so they do not accept them. When I mentioned I had never had this problem before and was just there a few days ago she yelled and yes I mean yelled “that is why that cashier got a pink slip for accepting those coupons!” Was the policy changed?

  10. Rachel says

    Just an FYI If you use the self-checks it will lock out much earlier. Since it means transferring the transaction (and the coupons you’ve already scanned) to a regular register – I would suggest avoiding using the self-checks for this type of purchase.

  11. jc says

    I have being at Wal-mart located on 4412 north fwy 77022 and have being told twice that I can not used coupons that exceed the price of the item, example, the Reach floss and the Similac. Also, they will not take any coupon that has the name of another store, even if it says manufacture coupon. I have tried to explained, but no luck. Any advice and is there a better Wal-mart to shop at?

    • Paul says

      Yes go to my price matching and FAQ sections and print off the policies. Take them in(don’t get arrested) and ask them to explain what the policy means if “we will pay overage towards the basket or in cash” means.

  12. Britt says

    Paul I asked this on another one but nobody answered. What is the policy on price matching and using a coupon? They told me no I can’t do both. Also was told I had to have the ad. They refused to call or go look it up. Everytime I go to the Manchester nh walmart they Are rude and treat me like a thief. Is there anyone to call? I’ve called customer service and nothing. This walmart hates a
    Anyone who uses coupons. Even the top manager. Help please.

  13. TJ says

    Stephine i am new to couponing can you tell me how i can buy $500.00 worth of groceries and pay just under $30.00 since you can only use one coupon per item. I really wanted to know how to use this coupons since i have 5 people to feed in my household. Pls help.

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