Earn Easy Money Every Day with Jingit- I Made $13 My First Day

We are HUGE fans of Jingit! They basically pay me for watching videos on my phone or on my computer. You can even earn more money at the store by scanning barcodes from products they ask you about and answering a few simple questions. I don’t think anything took me more than 2 minutes. I earned 13.00 my first day, you can too!

This is my personal testimonial of how awesome this is: In less than an hour I earned $13.03, more than 20 box tops for my kid’s school and I fed 28 Hungry Children.

Walmart.com – usually there are several ads and some of them reload daily or even every two hours, you can also trigger donations for your local food bank at Walmart’s Help End Hunger in America 

You can quickly earn $1.50 right now with Jingit.  We are using Jingit to cut down $60 a month off our grocery bill! 

Multiple Ways to earn cash: You can earn money from your phone or computer, it is so simple!!

Signing up with Jingit is easy, just click on any link on this post and sign Up with your Facebook Account. We got our Jingit cash card in the mail quickly with the cash that we had earned on it and were able to use that $27 to pay part of our grocery bill.

This is our debit card from Jingit that we can reload with the money we made from them. We use it at Kroger or Walmart to pay down our grocery bill!


You can do this from your desktop computer OR your mobil phone! I used the check in from the Jingit Mobile app (that you will want to download on your smart phone) and found the check in points around my Walmart Store. I did all of this by watching videos and answering a few questions. It was really easy and really rewarding, not just the money, I was absolutely blown away that they donated meals just for me watching the videos. We all know how the schools push the box tops program, this is a simple way to earn some extra ones.

How Much Can I Earn? 

As a Jingit user, you can earn $5 to start, but as you invite friends, you can increase your earn limit by $0.25 for every friend that signs up under your name. You can earn up to $10 a week!

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  1. I signed up for jingit a few days ago but my ads are not reseting. What am i doing wrong?

  2. Same here Heather… I can’t even get my Facebook acct. to hook up on my desktop so that I can sign up for the card. Just keeps coming up a faded screen… I used Jingit once before and got aggraveted with it for the same reason and deleted the app. Any suggestions???

    • Beth use the links that I provide in the post. they should reset each day. I have had a couple the haven’t but I have gone back and then they will work.

  3. Ive been using the links you provide in your post, but mine don’t reset either. The only one that resets for me is Elmers everyday. the rest don’t reset it just keeps saying come back later for new videos.

    • I had trouble with the 2today, but the rest have worked each day. I wonder if it was a glitch when the new links came out.

      • The elemers reset and i was able to get into jello today. not the rest though. i have $2.15 so far from about 3 days now. not as good as you but i’m getting there LOL thanks paul

  4. Thanks Paul! I used your links and they reset for me today!

  5. Nothing is resetting for me, either. I was able to use your links except one of the Snickers. Is this how it works normally? Using your links I had to re-login each ad.

    • yes, I do to but it takes 5 seconds and is so easy. I spend less than 5 minutes each day an drake between $1.50 and $2.00.

  6. Thanks Paul for posting these links! It makes it so much easier to earn! :)

  7. On jingit. Once I click your link then what. I do on phone

  8. Is Jingit down? Every link that I click on says bad gateway.

  9. Do you have to be in or near Walmart to get the links to work ? When I click them it says to join jingit. Well I did on phone app. Help

  10. I am a little confused about Jingit. I dont see any links to click on with Jingit or ways to earn the box tops you talked about. And about the earnings, first you say that you earned 13.00 in an hour and 60.00 a month. But then you say you can only make 5.00 a week and work your way up to 10.00 a week. So how can you make that much?

    • Hey, I posted the “official” numbers from Jingit so they didn’t get mad at me and that is $5 a week is which they suggest. Personally, I have been doing almost $2 a day and so I am figuring I should be close to $60 this month. The very first day I did it I did make $13 that first hour. NOt sure it that is because I was new? I have not made that much again, but I also have not tried as hard.

  11. It is very easy (from your links) but other than that I am not getting any new offers and this is my 3rd day logging in and checking. I must be missing something on how this works! I’ve only been able to earn $2.25 for far in 3 days. Hopefully I’ll get this figured out – even $5 a week would be nice!

  12. hey thanks for the links paul. I was wondering how the $10 a week limit works? It says it resets every sunday? so if im at $10 or more b4 sunday that goes to my card then starts over with what i have left in there? Lets say I make $13.25 by saturday nite, so on sunday i would have $3.25 left in there right?

  13. heather dennis says:

    why do you have to enter your social security number? is that safe?

  14. So do you have to have a smart phone to do this. It’s asking for my cell phone number (which I do not have) does that mean I cannot do this?

    • oh,, nevermind. i just read the FAQS and it looks like it’s a no-go for me. I’ll have to go kick them off my facebook now.

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