Can I Price Match at Walmart on Black Friday?

The biggest question I am getting right now is, “Can I price match at Walmart on black Friday”.

The answer to that is: YES YOU CAN…. BUT…….

Walmart WILL price match other stores black Friday ads, just as if it was that store.

Here is my “Everything you need to know post” it has visual proof which is nice. I just had to inform (argue with) the assistant manager at my Walmart they were price matching Black Friday. The Co-Manager was like “I’m pretty sure we are if he says we are.”

Which means:

  • The item has to be EXACT. Same size, kind, flavor, brand, etc!
  • If there is a door buster sale, like from 5am to 11am, games are $10. They will price match that item during that TIME only.

Now, there is the Christmas price guarantee, basically, toss this out the window on black Friday. If an item is lower on a black Friday sale they are not going to give you the difference if you purchased this item at another time.

Who is getting excited? I will be reporting LIVE from my store, starting at 10pm with photos and video on FB and blog. Make sure to say “hi” if you see Tiff or I!

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  1. says

    Do you think people will be lining up for the 10 pm deals on the 24th? I saw some PJs, bath towels and a vacuum I want that start at 10 pm that I’d like to get. Esp the towels and pjs. Just didn’t know how early I should get there.

  2. Stephanie says

    If a store is offering a gift card will they match it? For example, buy an Xbox for $299 and get a $100 gift card. Thanks!

  3. rachael says

    It’s so frustrating that stores are starting earlier and earlier every year with the sales. What was wrong will 5am on Friday? At least our turkey was digested! I liked it better at 5 because at least the kids were asleep long before I got up at 3 to go to Walmart.

  4. kelly says

    So….the items that I have on layaway right now…IF they go lower on Black Friday, will the honor the BF price or the regular price?

  5. Ashley says

    If your item is identical to what is on sale for black Friday and you pay off your layaway during the sale hours it will adjust to the sale price. Any time an item is at a lower price when your layaway is paid in full the register will automatically update your item to the new price. Just remember that layaway closes Thanksgiving night and does not reopen until 8 am Friday.

  6. Sandy says

    I live in a rural area and there are no other national chain stores here besides K-Mart to price match with. Any idea what Walmart considers as stores in the “local” area that they will price match with? The next area that has a chain store (Shopko) is 50 miles away. Are policies different for each Walmart?

    • Paul says

      yes each store is different. you will have to ask your manager. I have most commonly heard that if it is rural they will go out to about 50 miles

  7. says

    If another store like Kmart has an item in their black friday ad starting at 9pm on Thursday, can I get the item at Walmart at 9pm on Thursday for the same price, since Walmarts doesn’t begin until 10pm?

  8. Corina says

    This is nice to know, since I did wonder. When comparing the ads for our family, Wal*Mart has items I am interested in purchasing, not specifically for Christmas, just great low prices.Though, Target has only two toy items I would like to buy at the low price for my son’s Christmas list. It would be nice just to make Wal*Mart my one stop shopping and go home.

  9. Rhema says

    I’m an ES at Walmart (sample lady) and I’m working in my Wamart store starting at 10 pm, giving out energy drinks and immune system boosters. I’m not sure if all Walmart stores will be doing the same thing, but for those who love freebies, just wanted to let you all know :-)

  10. jammie says

    I was just wondering if walmart will price match Kohl’s bf ad, such as buy this item at a certain price and get 15.00 kohls cash for every 50.00 spent?

  11. Mikki says

    I have had a lot of trouble with walmart here lately… Price matching and coupons… which stinks bc I am a new mom and cannot go to all different stores throughout the week, but I am about done with walmart… They would not let me use the $2.00 off tide coupon for the travel size, because it was not the same as the picture on the coupon…??? Is that right?? Then with price matching they were trying to tell me they can give me the dollar amount off of the same product… not match it…. so confused and upset…. Can u tell me what I need to do? Thank U! :)

    • joy rosales says

      i suggest u print out walmarts coupon policy cuz they can deny u something just cuz it doesnt look like the picture, unless the coupon states that.

  12. randi says

    up to what distance will a walmart price match to another store? like only up to 20 miles away or within 5 mintues?? i was just wondering if my walmart might price match target add’s on black friday which is about 20-30 mintues away!

  13. Sara Hallman says

    I have a quick question… I was wondering if I purchased an item a month ago( @ Target) and Walmart had it on sale for Black Friday, could I return the item and get it for the price Walmart is advertising?

  14. save me money girl says

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  15. Brandi says

    My Walmart is Awsome. They price match every store’s price no questions. They even price match competitors coupons. Now what they do on black Friday might be a different story. We will see.

  16. amy says

    You just totally made me think of something! Meijer is having a Thanksgiving doorbuster sale at 6am for the xbox w/kinect for $199. So on Thanksgiving morning I could probably take that ad to Walmart and get the kinect bundle for $199 and avoid the massive crowd that will be attacking all things electronic later Thanksgiving evening when the black madness occurs.

    • randi says

      is that fred meijer or the other one? i’m still learning all the stores like that since i just moved and get get those place’s mixed up!


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