Brita Bottle Water Filtration System as low as $2.88

Brita Kids water Filtration system IHTM walmart Brita filtration sytem IHTM Walmart

The $5 off ANY Brita System or Brita Filters 3pk or more is still available!  If you want something smaller than the pitchers, these Brita bottles are filtration systems as well. I have heard these can be found at Bed Bath & Beyond for only $4.88 making them totally free!

There are Brita Pitchers are around 17.88 so if you are in the market you can get a good deal on those also!

brita couponBrita Kids’ Bottle Water Filtration System: $7.88
$5 off any Brita System or Brita Filters 3pk or more
Total: $2.88

Brita Bottle Water Filtration System: $8.88
$5 off any Brita System or Brita Filters 3pk or more
Total: $3.88

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