Almay Money Maker or Under $1 Deals at Walmart on Deodorant, Eye Shadow & Lip Balm

Almay Deodorant

Be sure to check out your Smart Source insert this weekend for the $4/1 Almay Cosmetic Product, exp. 4/27/14 (SS 04/13/14), you can score some awesome Almay deals.  First is for some FREE Almay Deodorant and the other deals that makes for some awesome Under $1 Almay Lip Balm or Eye Shadow. Some people have said in the past that they aren’t comfortable with using this on deodorant. I think it is okay, but if you don’t or there is scanning issues then I have a second and third deal for you!

Almay Deodorant: $2.24 each
$4/1 Almay Cosmetic Product, exp. 4/27/14 (SS 04/13/14)
Total: FREE + $1.76 overage

Link To FDA page addressing this:
Products intended to cleanse or beautify are generally regulated as cosmetics. Some examples are skin moisturizers, perfumes, lipsticks, fingernail polishes, makeup, shampoos, permanent waves, hair colors, toothpastes, and deodorants. These products and their ingredients are not subject to FDA premarket approval, except color additives (other than coal tar hair dyes). Cosmetic companies have a legal responsibility for the safety of their products and ingredients.
Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 9.21.32 AMThe Almay Lip Gloss Deal or Eye Shadow may be a lot easier, but heck I’m always up for a challenge!

Almay Liquid Lip Balm or Eye Shadow: $4.47 each 
$4/1 Almay Cosmetic Product, exp. 4/27/14 (SS 04/13/14)
Total: $0.47

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  1. Ashley says

    Almay has stated that they will not reimburse stores that allow this coupon to be used on deodorant because they do not consider deodorant a cosmetic. Could you please rethink promoting fraud and remove the deodorant deal please? Thank you.

    • Paul Ivanovsky says

      Ashley, deodorant is a cosmetic item. there is no rep that would say their company isn’t going to reimburse for a coupon. I am not in any way promoting coupon fraud. The FDA says it is a cosmetic, Almay could easy exclude the deodorant if they wanted to and they have put this coupon out many times.

  2. Texas says

    I called Almay and they told me the deodorant is not a cosmetic and this coupon should not be used on it. I know pull are going to say if it scans, they can use it but we know there are coupons that will scan on other products. And, no, I’m not being the coupon police. I’m just trying to give a heads up.

  3. Christopher Nolan says

    Works for me! I still have tons and tons of the deodorant and eye makeup remover pads from the last coupon too haha. If a coupon scans at Walmart self checkout I’m gonna use the hell out of it! Not feeling bad that WALMART might not get their dollars back from the coupons, they will be alright. I was sleeping in my bathtub at my apartment and now have an air bed thanks to almay!

    • Emily Camille says

      I agree sir! My walmart(s) close by give me hell just for using coupons! They are SO rude and just need to get over it. If a cashier is pleasant and helpful and interested in how to coupon, I typically give them my extra coupons and tell them how to do it too. But the Walmart ones… that’s a different story. Now at the superstores, the register system has updated and apparently nobody knows how to use it. Except me, of course. Anything now that results in overage just has a prompt for the cashier to validate that it is the correct amount discounted. Easy. Hit “enter”. In some cases, a coupon won’t “scan”, meaning the system just needs a HUMAN to read and verify the coupon, then go into the system and manually enter a vendor coupon and amount. But it’s like they are just stupid. If the machine beeps, they just look like a deer in the headlights. Anyway, my point is: the $4 Almay DOES indeed work on the small makeup remover pads. They are not labeled as trial and travel size on the container, nor were they found in that section in my stores. The coupon just had to be verified. ALWAYS bring a copy of walmart’s coupon policy with you!!! It literally comes out of my binder every time I check out there. And I always walk away victorious! Actually, I got paid a little over $12 last week on accident… the ladies were so rude that I decided not to purchase a few things so I ended up negative. Totally loved that! HA! So, at supercenters, use the real check out if possible. At the neighborhood market stores, I think the self checkout will still do overage as long as your coupon value/number of coupons isn’t huge, and you ring up all products first, then the coupons, so the balance just decreases. LOVE YOU CHRISTOPHER!!! (I taught him so much so seeing this makes me proud!)

  4. Luz says

    Whoa some if you are harsh and if I may say looney. I have been following the deals from Paul for years now, he never sends us out on deals that won’t work much less on coupon fraud trips! Thanks Paul for all you do:)

  5. Wendy says

    I live in the Finger Lakes of NY and I tried using the coupon on deodorant and it would not scan…. big time bummer! But I will be able to get some inexpensive makeup.

  6. says

    walmart price matches too! has some discounted almay shadow softies eyeshadow, petal 145 is $2.38, lilac 110 is $2.44 and honeydew 105 is $2.58. those are makeup products and are money makers too! this post actually has a picture of the products i am referring to.

    ***note, my coupon reads “ANY almay product” excludes trial/travel size. so i’m not sure where the cosmetic vs. non cosmetic item discussion stemmed from…


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