7 Up Biscuit Recipe! You will NOT be sorry you made these!

STOP. Whatever you are planning on making for dinner, if you have these 4 ingredients you HAVE to make these biscuits tonight!! I made these the other night and I am still a ROCK STAR with my family! They were AWESOME!! If you have a Popeye’s in your area these taste just like the biscuits from that drive-through! There is a new coupon for the Bisquick HERE.  Thanks MyLitter.

I could seriously eat an entire pan with butter and jelly.

7 UP (or Sierra Mist) Biscuits
2 cups Bisquick (coupon HERE)
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup 7-up
1/4 cup melted butter

Cut sour cream into biscuit mix, add 7-Up. Makes a very soft dough.
Sprinkle additional biscuit mix on board or table and pat dough out. Melt 1/4 cup butter in a 9 inch square pan. Place cut biscuits in pan and bake at 450 degrees until golden brown.

 You will NOT be sorry!

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  1. Leigh Anne says

    Oh lawd I miss Popeyes!! We moved here to WV from Louisiana 9 years ago and I promise Popeyes in on my top 5 list of things I miss!

    • Crystal C says

      After Hurricane Katrina, a newsreporter asked a New Orlean’s woman how people have been coping with all the lost churches in New Orleans..her reply was I don’t know bout ya’ll, but we f*x with Popeye’s down here…The reporter’s reaction was priceless!!!

  2. Angela says

    One question – how thin/thick is your dough before you cut it out? Or, can you just place it in the 9 inch square pan, let it cook and then cut biscuit squares? Thanks for any help

  3. Sharon says

    Okay, I have all the ingredients on hand, except instead of 7-Up, I have generic Coke. I wonder how that would turn out????

  4. debbie says

    Thanks so much id did as you told me stop what ever plans for dinner and make this I was not disappointed they were great betther than what I had planned panko chicken cheesy rice and canned biscuits ugh I stuck to the entire recipe and brushed them after out of the oven with garlic powder and butter my boys ( older) love tnem they love fresh bread but I got the award thanks so much Debbie

  5. TMiller says

    Have been looking for a biscuit receipe for a really long time my son is allergic to soy and all canned or store bought items contain soy…Thankfully bisquick has the heart healthy, with NO SOY (YEAH) I made these and the were gone before I could get dinner on the table and had to make more so we could make it through the meal!! THANKS!

  6. lilbit2 says

    These are a must in your recipe box!! They are so easy and so good…..I’ll never make any other biscuit recipe, my search is over!!!!!

  7. Georgina says

    Wow ! These sound amazing & based on viewers reviews they ARE fabulous ! super nice of you to post & even add a link for a coupon. thanks bundles !

  8. Sheila mayse says

    These were delicious. But I had to increase recipe by 1/2 to fill an 8×8 pan. I just used an ice cream scoop and didn’t bother rolling the dough. This will definitely become a go-to recipe.

  9. lotte luster says

    i am allergic to soy as well, i have never tried bisquick, i assumed it had soy in in as well, i will try this the weekend, thanks, they look fab

  10. says

    Just made these for breakfast——— yum yum good! Butter fresh tomatoes and fresh (made lastight) strawberry preserves——-WOW WHAT A BREAKFAST. Hardees can not touch this.


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