Hi I am Paul Ivanovsky, yes I am a guy, and yes I do use coupons and shop at Walmart. Welcome to IHeartTheMart.com! I am a Dad, Coach, Husband and Zookeeper for my (and my awesome wife’s) seven kids.

I spend so much time in Walmart, the employee’s ask me for help. I should have an aisle named after me or at least one of the car shopping carts!  Walmart gets a bad rap. Most of us have one within a mile and run in repeatedly throughout the week. But, if you are like my wife you do your coupon shopping other places.

I Heart The Mart is the place where I can show you how to save a ton of money at Walmart, using coupons, rebates and price matching. It is a place for all you to help each other, link up your finds and your price matches, share you great deals and have a little bit of fun!